Human beings are drawn to human brands.

In a world of digital clutter, zombie scrolling on phones, mistrust of government, isolation and divisionism, we as human beings are yearning for a meaningful connection and an emotional ROI. For many, a brand connection is a more trusted relationship because the perception of the brand is consistently reinforced and delivered. 

Brands should strive to be human because it allows them to connect with their audience on a deeper level. When a brand has a human-like personality, it can establish an emotional connection with its audience, which can lead to stronger brand loyalty and a more positive perception of the brand. At BRING, we believe in  Brands Being Human™. During our brand development process we focus on a brand’s emotional value and true persona to drive the communication and conversation. 

“There’s the art of communication and the science of communication and in recent years we’ve lost sight of human connections. At BRING we say it’s about heartbeats more than algorithms because humans connect with art. No-one goes to a museum to look at scientific equations. No, art speaks to the human soul and drives us to react. It’s really that simple.”   David Richards, Creative Director, BRING.

Here are a few reasons why brands should be human:

  1. Establishing emotional connections: People tend to relate to other people more easily than to abstract concepts or products. By giving a brand a human-like personality, it can create an emotional connection with its audience.
  2. Differentiating from competitors: In today's crowded marketplace, it can be challenging for a brand to stand out. By developing a human-like personality, a brand can differentiate itself from its competitors, making it more memorable and appealing to customers.
  3. Building trust: When a brand is perceived as human, it can build trust with its audience. People tend to trust other people more than they trust corporations or faceless entities.
  4. Increasing engagement: A human-like brand is more likely to be engaging and entertaining, which can increase the chances of customers sharing its content and talking about it with others.

Overall, by being human, brands can build deeper relationships with their audience, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately, drive more sales.

BRING is a national, award-winning, brand development company that engages in soul searching discoveries with clients across the country. They also believe in Brands Being Human, as if you didn’t know that already.

The role of search intent in a great content strategy.

Four Types of Seach Intent + 4 C's of Search Intent


Search intent is a foundational aspect of SEO (search engine optimization). How often do you think that people create a website for their business and then consider “how can I get my site to rank higher in search results?” I would argue that this is almost always what happens for new website development and ongoing content creation. But, I want to challenge you to rethink how (and why) you create content. Of course, the why is primarily to increase traffic and increase sales – but what is the purpose of each specific page or piece. What do you want the user to do? This will all be defined in your content strategy.

Creating a great content strategy starts with understanding the way all people use search engines. So before you begin creating content, you will want to distinguish the search intent for each of your pages. Below we outline the standard types of search intent, keyword usage, and the 4 C’s of search intent.

What is search intent?

Search intent is, very simply, the reason or purpose for the user’s search. We break this down into four types of search intent: informational, navigational, transactional, and commercial investigation.

Informational Search Intent

Informational searchers have a specific question they want to be answered. Like, “what is search intent all about and how can it help my SEO?” Wanting to know the answer to this question would be an excellent reason you are here – because that is the search intent that we have identified as the purpose of this post.

Navigational Search Intent

Navigational searchers are looking for a specific page. They clearly know what site or page they’re looking for but aren’t sure of the specific address or have found that searching a shorter version of the website address will display the site as a search result. For example, you might have searched ‘bring results’ knowing that Google will provide a link to

Knowing this, we can be confident that we will not rank for certain terms. People who search ‘Facebook’ are looking for, not your blog post on how to use Facebook.

Transactional Search Intent

Transactional users are searching with the purpose to buy something. They know which item they are looking for, or possibly only the type of item they are looking for, and they are prepared to make a transaction. Usually, this user has already done the research and knows exactly which item they are seeking to order. If they haven’t already done the research, they might still be in this stage of search intent:

Commercial Investigation Search Intent

In a commercial investigation, users have the intention to buy in the near future and are using the web to research which product would be best for them via product reviews, prices, product comparisons, and descriptions.

Understanding keyword usage in search intent. has a great post on search intent with this diagram to help show you how to use certain keywords to modify your page’s search intent.

Screenshot-2019-04-17-at-18.03.46.png (646×691)

The Four C’s of Search Intent

Establishing the type of search intent will aid in defining what is referred to as the four C’s of search intent. This added layer of search intent helps to clarify what type, style, format, and angle to use when creating high-ranking content.

Content Style

Content style refers to the dominant style of content in the search results for a specific search query. This is most commonly web pages but can also be videos. It is integral to identify the way most people prefer to consume certain types of content. For example, users who are interested in learning how to speak with a British accent would more likely watch a video where they can hear and see someone model dialect than to read about it.

Content Type

Content Type refers to a blog post, a landing page, a product page, or a category. A good example of how this affects search intent would be the search results returned for “Buy Shoes” vs. “Buy CROCS”. “Buy shoes” will result in web pages, specifically online stores, that offer a variety of different shoe types and brands. “Buy Crocs” will result in product pages for Crocs brand shoes.

Content Format

Content format applies mostly to informational pages. Common format examples include how-to or tutorial style, news articles, opinion pieces, lists, or product comparisons. It’s good when creating content to research what content format is currently being successful in search rankings. It’s a good indication of how the user prefers to receive information on that topic.

Content Angle

There is much to say about content angles but essentially this is directing content at a specific buyer/lead persona. Drawing them in with a relevant persona objective, user interest, or time significance. For example, marketing your product as “wedding shoes” seeks out buyers with weddings as their specific user interest. Or “summer activities” targets users with time significance.

Final Thoughts

Utilizing all aspects of search intent, ask yourself these questions whenever you are in the beginning stages of content creation. It will help drive your decisions for the proper type of content to create and will lay a foundation for excellent content that inherently possesses the proper keyword usage based on what google shows you is already performing.

What type of page is this?
Who am I trying to reach, or what do I want them to do?
What style fits best with my objective and my goals?
What style/type/format is currently being successful in search rankings?

For more information about SEO download our free resource on SEO Best Practices!

wordpress multisite

10 Benefits of Using a Multisite for Your Multi-organizational websites

Should I use a multisite?

WordPress Multisite is a feature that allows you to create a “network” of subsites within a single instance of WordPress.There are several distinct scenarios where a multisite would be a good option to consider. If you are a company with multiple branches, if you want to market your services separately as divisions of the same company, if you are a parent or management company and want to represent different organizations under a single shared server. These are all good options to consider. We’ve used this approach with a school system that had individual sites for each of their schools, with a management company that owns and facilitates multiple dental practices, and also with a parent company that has several separate and distinct manufacturing businesses within a family of companies.

But why would someone choose a multisite installation over traditional single installation hosting. In this post we will discuss 10 benefits to using a multisite installation for your multi-organization.

1. All sites on one domain.

All of your sites have the potential to be rooted to one domain name. This can be done as a subdomain ( or a subdirectory ( Sidenote: we also have the ability to issue unique domain names for each of your sites. Having so much valuable content under the same domain name can really help to bolster your domain authority which plays a significant roll in your organic search ranking.

subdomain and subdirectory

2. One login, easy to switch between sites

Because users are managed on the network level, any user (that you give permission to) has the ability to easily switch between sites and/or login to all sites using the same username and password.

multisite sign in example

3. Shared content: blog posts, calendars, alerts published to all sites.

Multisite platforms allow you to share content to multiple sites at once. This can be a valuable asset, especially if will want to publish blog posts to all sites, have a shared calendar of events, or push out company-wide alerts and notices.

4. Easily copy pages from one site to another

Using available plugins we are able to easily clone entire sites or copy and update pages and posts from one site to another. No longer needing to recreate pages which can become tedious and time consuming for organizations with several sites to maintain.

5. Network-level themes/plugins – one license for all sites, updates apply to all sites.

Easily one of the top benefits. Shared theme and plugin licenses. Plus with the network dashboard we are able to update themes and plugins one time for all sites. We recommend always creating a backup of your multisite before performing any updates as restoring the backup will restore all sites. This can be cumbersome and painful if you’re not aware of the site management on the individual sites as you don’t want to overwrite any new content.

6. Combined reporting

You are able to set individual tracking code for each site, using plugins we can also pull all of your analytic data together into a more comprehensive look at how your organization is performing across all sites.

google analytics reporting

7. Consolidated hosting costs

Granted, hosting will cost more than a single installation because you are using more storage and bandwidth than a typical website, but rather than paying for multiple single host plans you can pay for one installation and scale up your cost based on usage. At BRING, our multisite plans have a base price and then increase per site added.

8. Single FTP

Accessing all of your sites files through one FTP. This one is a developer bonus but if you’ve ever worked with FTP you can understand how being able to access all of your site files through one FTP account could save you lots of time and effort.

9. Access level user permissions

Multisite platforms offer a network dashboard where users and user permissions are managed on a network level. As an administrator, or SuperAdmin, you can choose which sites users have access to and what capabilities they have.

10. Increased SEO with shared domain.

As stated in benefit #1, all of your sites have the potential to be on a single domain name. If you are a company who is looking to differentiate the many divisions of your company with unique site function and design but want your sites to reinforce each other and not compete with each other, this would be an option to strongly consider.

search increased seo

Are you interested in a multi-site installation? We have excellent WordPress multisite hosting options available! Contact us today for more information or find out more about our web services, here.

5 Things You Need To Know About Instagram's Algorithm

If you are an active Instagram user you may have noticed that your Instagram feed is always changing. Originally organized in reverse chronological order, Instagram now prioritizes the moments their users care about most. Since this change they have restructured their algorithm countless times to optimize user experience. So where does that leave us now?

The 2021 Instagram algorithm is primarily based off of 5 influencing factors:

  1. Interest
  2. Timeliness
  3. Relationship
  4. Usage
  5. Following

#1 Interest

Instagram can predict how much interest you will have in a post based on pervious user activity such as like, comments, shares, etc. By analyzing content and putting them into categories, Instagram is able to serve users posts that are likely most enjoyable based on previous engagement.

#2 Timeliness

Though Instagram’s new feeds are no longer organized chronologically, how recently you share a post does still have an impact on whether or not your post will be seen. A post shared on the same day will most likely be prioritized over a post shared a week ago.

#3 Relationship

Instagram will measure how close one user is to another. They do this by tracking how frequently they like each others post, how often they message each other, if they’ve been tagged in each others posts, etc. Instagram does this to make sure users are seeing content that matters most to them.

#4 Usage

Usage is influenced by how often you open instagram and how much time you spend on the app. If you spend a short amount of time on the app Instagram ensures you are able make the most of those short periods of time. With a longer session Instagram has to dig a bit deep to fill your browsing time.

#5 Following

Since we are only discussing someones news feed and not the discover section, it is important to recognize someone must be following your account in order for it to show up on their news feed. Also, if someone follows a greater number of people you need to consider that Instagram will have a wider variety of content to choose from so it can be less likely that your posts will be featured on your audience’s news feed.

Knowing this information you are able to create an action plan that best fits your existing audience interests. Once you are able to determine how frequently you should be posting and what kind of content your audience engages with most, then you can begin creating a successful social media plan. If your head is still spinning don’t worry, we are here to help. At BRING we are happy to analyze your social media account and create a path to better manage your business’s presence online. Contact us for more information.

Jump Start Your Brand

Jump Start Foods was founded in the Spring of 2020 as a pandemic passion project. Founders, Dave and Ted, are seasoned food marketers and brand opportunists. Both bring more than 30 years of experience to the table. They created Jump Start Foods as an outlet for their wealth of knowledge, making long-standing brands new and exciting again.

Brand Messaging & Creative Concepts

Jump Start Foods first came to BRING in their early stages of development. During this time they had just attained two sauces brands, Hoffman House and Bennett’s. They asked for our help to shed new light on these legendary brands by producing new strategic brand messaging and creative concepts. 

Website Development

After applying the new strategy it wasn’t long before business took off and the floodgate of demand had opened. We were then able to assist Jump Start Foods in the creation of their website, which included a store finder with all of the locations that carry their products. With the help of our specialized SEO services, loyal consumers were able to reunite with the lovable and long-standing brands, Hoffman House and Bennett’s. Countless customers came forward to share powerful stories on the website’s contact form thanking Jump Start for bringing these products back to life.

Social Media & Micro-influencer Partnership

Additionally, we were able to set up social media accounts for Jump Start Foods’ brands. These pages will allow Jump Start to speak to their audience directly and respond to their overwhelming number of appreciative sauce enthusiasts. Not only will Jump Start be capitalizing on reaching the existing customer base, they will also be expanding their following through a partnership BRING was able to initiate with Amy Hanten, The Cooking Mom. Hanten has a strong presence on social media with thousands of followers that directly align with Jump Start Foods target audience. This partnership allowed Jump Start Foods to advertise the accessibility of their brands to existing customers, as well as inspire trial for new customers.

Neck Hanger Coupons

Lastly, after Jump Start Foods had their products stocked up on the shelves we were able to assist them in designing and printing neck hanger coupons to display to customers in stores. This incentivizes new and existing customers to stock up on the newly relaunched products with the opportunity for savings. 

Throughout the last year we have been able to assist Jump Start Foods in getting their product not only in stores, but flying off the shelves. The amount of support and thanks Jump Start has received made these jobs so much more rewarding. We look forward to projecting this brand forward by building off of the great momentum they’ve gain in such a short amount of time. To celebrate our success, we decided to have a fish fry to enjoy the great products we’ve been promoting for the last several months.

Energy Shop Website Launch

New Project Launch

CAUTION! This New Web Design is Dangerously Hot

As a family owned business, The Energy Shop understands what it takes to make a house feel like a home. That is why their wide variety of heating solutions are designed to enhance the warmth of an inviting atmosphere. When The Energy Shop approached BRING Studios about redesigning their website, we wanted to apply this same inviting feeling to their new design.

Using inspiring photography provided by The Energy Shop’s multitude of vendors, we were able to create a visually led design that was sure to captivate their audience. Our clean and strategic design allows for customers to clearly envision themselves in beautiful scenes featuring The Energy Shop’s products. The design of The Energy Shop’s website is a direct reflection of the quality of, not only their products, but also the service they provide to their customers.

Though a web design may be what captivates a consumer, if someone is unable to find a website then the design has no purpose. This is why BRING Studios prioritizes enhancing SEO in each of our web designs. This guarantees that we are putting our client in front of their target audience. Our experts are trained to bring results by having websites work for a brand.

Through the balance of a brand-led design and the application strategic SEO practices, the Energy Shop’s website is fully revitalized and ready to re-launch their brand. To view more of BRING’s websites, please visit our web solutions page. If you are interested in revamping your website, please contact us. We would be happy to talk through the numerous ways we are able to enhance your brand.


7 WooCommerce Extensions FTW

woocommerce Extension Recommendations

Maximize Your Stores Shopping Experience with these woocommerce Extensions and Plugins_

How can you make your online shopping experience reach more potential customers, be more engaging, or provide better incentives for bigger sales? We’ve put together a list of our favorite eCommerce extensions and plugins.

Facebook for Woocommerce

Connect your store to your Facebook account to sync products and drive traffic to your website for sales. This plugin allows customers to add items to their cart directly from your business’s Facebook page. You can also design and purchase your Facebook and IG ads directly through WooCommerce, as well as, add a chat feature on your website that utilizes Facebook’s Messenger App. 

Facebook for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Subscriptions

Do you have a consumable commodity? Something that will run out and that users will likely need more of? WooCommerce subscriptions can help get your customers committed to a regular purchase. My favorite example of this is The Succulent of the Month Club, (obviously). I’m definitely not sure that they’re using the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension but you get the idea. 

WooComerce Subscriptions

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing let’s you give your customers percentage or dollar amount discounts based on custom rules that you set up. For example, if you have a store selling socks and underwear, you can give your customers a free pair of socks when they purchase 3 pairs; you can give a 10% discount when they spend more than $25; or you can make all underwear 13% off. 

Dynamic pricing gives you control over how you position your pricing and give customers incentives to buy.

Dynamic Pricing

Yotpo : Product & Photo Reviews for WooCommerce

Collect reviews, ratings and photos from customers who have purchased your product! Yotpo allows you to leverage social proof to help sell your products. You can even display ratings in your organic search and Google Ads, use customer content for social posts, and build a community around your brand.

Yotpo Reviews & Ratings

WooCommerce Points and Rewards

Start a loyalty program! With this extension you can reward your customers for their purchases and other actions, like writing reviews, with a point system that can be redeemed for discounts. You have the control to define how many points are earned for purchases and the value of those points. You can even decide the maximum discount that can be earned using points at the cart, category, and product level.

Common goals for a loyalty program:

  • Sign up customers for the loyalty program
  • Identify who your customers are
  • Enhance personalization
  • Incentivize repeat purchases
  • Encourage brand engagement
  • Drive traffic to your store
WooCommerce Points and Rewards

Product Add-Ons

Customize your products with add-on fields. With this you can add gift-wrapping, personalization, set-up fees, upgrade to a premium material, and so much more! The only limit is your imagination. You can even show the add-on field as a thumbnail image to create a more visual shopping experience. This extension may not be as exciting as some of the others but it exceeds expectations when you need to add customized options for your products. 

Product Add-Ons

Mix and Match Products

Selling cases of beer? A dozen donuts? Custom Tshirts at your print shop? Now you can set a minimum order limit of the assortment and define which items are available to choose from. You can decide if the price is static for the assortment size or if it is priced per item and totalled. You can also have your items shipped together, shipped separately, or not shipped at all. So many ways to mix and match your products! 

Mix and Match Products

As you can see, there are many ways that you can improve the shopping experiences of your customers, and BRING is here to help! Check out our website development services for more information on our brand-led, conversion-driven websites

Creative Website Copywriting

How to Write Creative Content for Your Website

Lead with the brand and everything else will follow_

Your mind is cloudy, fingers ache from pressing the backspace button and vision has blurred from staring at a blinking cursor for hours. If you are experiencing any or all of these symptoms, odds are you are trying to write body copy about your own brand.

Writer’s block is surprisingly common for small business owners who are tasked with the challenge of putting their brand on paper. Oftentimes we see brands focusing too heavily on the technicalities of their industry, rather than creating organized and digestible content for their website. We also see the other side of the spectrum, where content is too vague and the focus on the copy is frequently changing making it hard to follow.

Where do I start?

We meet with many companies that focus on what they do or the product that they produce, rather than how they make a difference. By discovering your brand and leading with a brand message in all communication, you immediately tell customers your reason for being.

The first thing that people need to recognize is that consumers care less about the “what” your brand supplies and more about the “why”.  Of course, this was a concept simply presented by Simon Sinek in his, now famous,  TED Talk How Great Leaders Inspire Great Action. Sinek explains that the “why” of your brand is what separates you from your competition and is the push that propels your company forward.

Once you are able to narrow into a company’s why then you are able to project that passion into the voice of the company. This is why before developing a website for a client, we start by providing them with a brand audit. This audit allows us to find that core and dissect a brand’s strengths and weaknesses. From there we are able to create a distinct tone that not only solidifies the foundation of a company, but also directly appeals to their target audience.

Focus on your “why”.

It is passion and purpose that a consumer is attracted to, not a product.

Don’t believe us? Here are two sample paragraphs, one that focuses on the “what” of a company and another that projects the “why”.

Leading with “what”

Established in 1983, Blah Blah Business and Company provides great service to a variety of consumers. Though we are based out of Somewhere, Wisconsin our company is able to provide products and services nationwide. Our facility of 30,000 square feet is continually expanding to create opportunities to better serve our customers.

Leading with “why”

Blah Blah Business and Company utilizes new technologies to improve the lives of our customers every day. Our dedication to customized solutions not only saves customers both time and money, but provides greater opportunities in qualifying new business leads. As an industry-leading company, we strive to take the stress and frustration out of the sales process and deliver data-driven results.

Notice how the second paragraph makes the company sound competitive and forward-thinking? Showcasing the things that motivate your company can give you the key to solidifying your voice and attracting customers. If you are still unsure of where to start, download our free brand audit document to discover your company’s “why”. Our best advice is to be honest with yourself, get members of your team involved, and allow this to open new doors for conversation. Insight is at your fingertips, let us give you a boost so you can reach it.

The Power of Engagement

Engage on Social Media

We’ve lightly touched on engagement in our recent posts The Great Social Media Strategy Reset of 2021 and Social Media Trends for 2021 but now I want to dive in a little deeper into what it means to be engaged in social media and how you can be better engaged with your followers moving forward.

Engagement from a user perspective looks like:

  • Did they view your video?
  • Did they like your post?
  • Did they leave a comment?

The type of engagement I would like to discuss is YOUR brand engagement. This includes your content and consistency of posting, as well as, your responding and reacting to clients, customers, followers.

A content strategy is an excellent place to start when talking about your engagement. In order to ensure that you are providing real, relevant, engageable content for your audience, we recommend creating a social media marketing calendar.


Once you’ve defined your target audience it becomes easier to determine what you will provide for them. Some of our favorite content categories include:

  • Company/Culture
  • Accolades/Awards
  • Projects/Work
  • Employee Recognition
  • Industry Insights
  • Driving Traffic
  • Value
  • Fun/Creativity
  • Community Involvement
  • Holidays/Events

Responding and reacting to posts can go even further than just liking comments and thanking people for their feedback. Being really engaged with your audience should also include a concerted effort to check in on your clients (B2B) and engage with their posts; or (B2C) be aware of the conversation surrounding your brand so that you can be a part of it!

And, do everything with personality. As with everything we do, BRAND is our passion and being brand-led is our driving force. Not everyone has a wild and crazy personality and that’s okay – but having a serious and compassionate personality doesn’t have to be dry. Just make sure that your personality online is on-brand with who you are at your core and you are speaking to your customers in a personable way.

Now, I know I’ve said “consistency” a few times already, but it merits a mention at least one more time. Be consistent. You may need to start small, that’s okay – just keep going. Admittedly, we have been challenged with consistency – mostly because we throw ourselves into our client work and only look up to notice that we’ve been neglecting ourselves again. I’m sure many of you can relate. But this is important and we are being accountable to it.

Download our Free Social Media Calendar Template!

Creating a customized social media calendar can help your team stay on task and remain consistent in reaching and engaging with your audience! Download our free customizable calendar tool and get planning!

Social Media Trends for 2021

2021 Social Media Trends

Now that you have (hopefully) revised your social media targeting, there are several social media trends to know about.  These trends are so IN right now! See how you can employ these tactics in your marketing plan.

Don’t worry if you’ve already outlined your 2021 strategy, you can still fit these in somewhere and it may even be easier to see where they can go with a clear plan already established. So, let’s get to it!

The Trend: Stories on Facebook and Instagram

Why we love it: Stories are becoming increasingly hard to avoid. They’re on Instagram and Facebook, front and center, keeping your post at the top of your customers feed unless or until they watch you (which is the goal BTW) and BONUS – you can see exactly who saw it! YAY!

The Trend: Instagram Reels

Why we love it: 3-30 second video clips – it’s the Instagram version of TikTok. You can record or upload video files, mix with music, text, and stickers. Reels will help you increase your visibility showing up in the reels tab, the main profile grid, in feeds and under “Explore”.

Reels is a great way to engage with a younger customer base and to join in on viral conversations. See more about viral conversations below. 

The Trend: Hashtags

Why we love it: This is the trend about trends. Hashtags started on Twitter, but now are common across all platforms to filter out content and create communities around topics, causes, and events. Twitter has easy to access trending data. If you want to join a trending topic and often a global conversation – hashtag away!

The Trend: Hashtags

Why we love it: This is the trend about trends. Hashtags started on Twitter, but now are common across all platforms to filter out content and create communities around topics, causes, and events. Twitter has easy to access trending data. If you want to join a trending topic and often a global conversation – hashtag away!

The Trend: Facebook Shop

Why we love it: Ecommerce brands can fairly easily set up a facebook shop that integrates with your ecommerce site. Don’t miss an opportunity for sales by not sharing your products on Facebook.

The Trend: Influencers

Why we love it: Influencers are pop-u-lar (I wrote it like that hoping you would say it in your head with all the sass that a clever double-meaning word deserves). Influencers have so many followers and do so well with social media, so if it seems right to you, capitalize on that by finding an influencer to mention or showcase your brand – catapult your awareness and set a proper tone for the masses.

While considering what influencer is right for you, we recommend seeking out micro-influencers that are local or well-respected in your brand’s product niche.

The Trend: Viral Conversations

Why we love it: This is where you’re conscious enough about the social climate to be able to join in on viral memes, viral videos, or viral topics (in other words: “what everyone is talking about”) and add your own personalization to it. Staying on brand, of course.

A great example of this is the #GirlDad conversation that rose up in the wake of the tragic and untimely death of Kobe Bryant.

The Trend: LinkedIn Connections

Why we love it: Connecting personally to your clients and potential customers on LinkedIn is much more useful than sharing on a company page. I would recommend to post on your page, and encourage all of your employees to share your post to reach their connections as well. Forcing employees to do that is really bad taste but encouraging them? Yes. And encouraging can be as easy as letting your employees be involved in the making process, or being featured in the post.

Pro Tip: sharing posts of your employees/staff is bound to get engagement. People like to “see” people they know!

Additionally, personally connecting and introducing yourself to new clients if you haven’t made prior contact can help to promote your company in a real and focused way.

What is your favorite trend on social media right now? Find us on one of the aforementioned social networks and let us know what trends are working for you and what you plan to add to your social media strategy this year!