Why Fractional Chief Marketing Partner? Well, being fractional you only pay for set hours a week within a set timeframe. Chief means we have 20+ years of experience. Marketing describes our cross-industry insight and resources.  Partner describe our team player, roll-up-the-sleeves relationship. So now you know.

Delivering Marketing Solutions, Savings & Results.

We work with clients on a fractional basis, to uncover and solve marketing issues, develop brands, create strategies and lead internal teams and projects to drive– lead generation, recruitment and brand authority.

Frustrations that we often hear from clients...and solve!

  • I am too busy as a CEO to dedicate sufficient time to strategic marketing
  • I need to develop a brand and build/reset a marketing department
  • My marketing team is social media driven and not strategically focused
  • I do not have a point person to manage creative resources and hit deadlines
  • I need a C level thinker who is accountable to the board/C-level team
  • I want to hire someone with 20+ years experience but can’t justify the salary
  • My small marketing team needs better processes and energized momentum
  • My team has become siloed with remote staff and lacks marketing leadership

No need to prepare for our discovery call. Let us ask the right questions and begin to discuss the best solutions. We only take on a few fractional clients, so let's make sure that we are a good fit for each other.

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We achieve results through our 6 Month Marketing Sprint.

We work in 6 month sprints to achieve the best outcomes in a defined timeframe. We start by assessing your current situation and prioritize where to fill the need gap for optimum results. Together, we set goals and milestones focused on specific areas which may include: internal talent & recruitment, brand positioning, customer surveys, sales processes and funnels. Once the opportunities for improvement are uncovered, we focus on the lane, or lanes, that will deliver the most impact and the biggest outcomes. (See graphic below.)

The starting line.


  • Set sprint goals, outline KPIs and hit milestones
  • Examine sales process, churn and acquisition.
  • Assess marketing team for mentoring and growth 
  • Review internal culture for recruitment and loyalty
  • Audit brand perceptions internally and externally


The delivery lanes. 

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