Full Power Marketing at a Fraction of the Cost.

Many clients have taken advantage of our fractional CMO services. They see the benefit of a low cost investment with specific, attainable goals, including brand development, product launches, website development, sales promotions, team building and internal brand alignment. Ultimately, the purpose of our fractional CMOs is to turn strategy and leadership into successful marketing outcomes. 

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Connect with us on many levels.

From one hour to one year, we have mays ways to help you achieve your marketing goals.

VIRTUAL CONSULT- Pick a topic or issue and we will provide a quick solution consult with valuable advice and actions to steer marketing success. (1 or 2 hours) MARKETING AUDIT- We will review your existing marketing strategy and materials, then give guidance on improvements via an action plan document. (5 hours) FRACTIONAL CMO/CCO-  Engage with us as your part-time marketing and creative leader- developing brands, performing brand audits, leading website development, building marketing teams and solving your tough marketing issues. (90 day sprint to 12 month contract)

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Why hiring a fractional CMO is a smart decision.

Companies reach out to us because they face marketing issues that are either time sensitive, require strategic planning, or need marketing leadership for the successful completion of projects. There are many large problems that we solve for our clients and we are charged to solve a range of issues stemming from current situations. Some include:

  • I'm too busy as a CEO to dedicate sufficient time to strategic marketing.
  • My marketing team is social media driven and not strategically focused.
  • We do not have a point person to manage creative resources and hit deadlines.
  • We need a CMO level thinker who is accountable to the board/C-level team
  • We want to hire someone with 20+ years experience but can’t justify the salary.
  • We have reduced our marketing team but need more than junior level experience.
  • We have siloed/ WFH staff and need cohesive leadership to build momentum.
  • Solve bigger problems and free your time.
  • Understand expectations and leadership style.
  • Marketing budget assignment and management.
  • Strategic plan development to reach goals.
  • Team leadership/ creative direction.
  • Timeline creation and deadline delivery.
  • Autonomous decisions/ efficient time management.
  • Scheduled status meetings/ accountability.
  • Scheduled reporting to leadership team.
  • Adopted member of leadership team.
  • Customer surveys, staff assessment.
  • SWOT analysis, competitive brand mapping.
  • Team gap analysis, talent resourcing, team recruitment.
  • Strategic development, marketing plans.
  • Timelines, milestones, status reports.
  • Budget control, vendor approval, budget balancing.
  • Brand Audits, brand development, internal branding.
  • Brand guideline development, brand policing.
  • Creative direction, team mentoring, elevated results.
  • C-level reporting, KPIs/ ROI, desired outcomes.
  • Manufacturing, Industrial, Marine.
  • Healthcare, Dental, Specialty Clinics
  • Telecom, Media, Internet
  • Sports: NFL, Fitness/Wellness
  • Retail Chains: Furniture, Flooring,
  • Construction, RE Development, Leasing
  • Hospitality: Restaurant, Brewery
  • Banking, Finance, Credit Unions
  • Education, School Systems, Colleges
  • Food service; Cheese, Snacks, Sauce
  • Municipal, Civic, Economic Development

What is the investment for a Fractional CMO?

“Fractional” would be the answer. Instead of facing a salary of $100,000+ with full benefits, imagine having subscription access to 20+ years marketing experience with proven marketing strategies and a process to drive outcomes. Contracts start at a minimum of 4 hours per week for 3 months and can be extended for ongoing support or paused when a specific project or initiative is completed. That’s the expertise you need, right when you need it and at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time CMO.

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