Bring designs labels for Hinterland 25th Anniversary Beers

Hinterland celebrates 25 years

After 25 years Hinterland never stops exploring.

To celebrate 25 years of challenging beer drinkers to “taste beyond their boundaries.” Hinterland owner, Bill Tressler and Brewmaster, Joe Karls put their heads together to come up with a complete line of anniversary beers with their usual twist.

Whether it’s intriguing names like “Jamaican Haze” or “For Fruit Sake,” or a crazy recipe idea like “What would happen if we put 1,200 paczki donuts into our imperial stout?” – after 25 years Hinterland hasn’t stopped exploring or having fun.

For the new can packaging design, logos and social media videos, Hinterland turned to BRING Studios. ” BRING had come up with the ‘Taste beyond your Boundaries’ messaging to communicate our brand,” said Tressler. “They also created our website– so when it came to the new beers, they really understood where we’ve been and where we’re going, by sharing that sense of adventure.”
A series of beers will be released throughout the year. Keep up with the new brews at or through their social media channels.

4-up shows Hinterland Beer label designs