Engage on Social Media

We’ve lightly touched on engagement in our recent posts The Great Social Media Strategy Reset of 2021 and Social Media Trends for 2021 but now I want to dive in a little deeper into what it means to be engaged in social media and how you can be better engaged with your followers moving forward.

Engagement from a user perspective looks like:

  • Did they view your video?
  • Did they like your post?
  • Did they leave a comment?

The type of engagement I would like to discuss is YOUR brand engagement. This includes your content and consistency of posting, as well as, your responding and reacting to clients, customers, followers.

A content strategy is an excellent place to start when talking about your engagement. In order to ensure that you are providing real, relevant, engageable content for your audience, we recommend creating a social media marketing calendar.


Once you’ve defined your target audience it becomes easier to determine what you will provide for them. Some of our favorite content categories include:

  • Company/Culture
  • Accolades/Awards
  • Projects/Work
  • Employee Recognition
  • Industry Insights
  • Driving Traffic
  • Value
  • Fun/Creativity
  • Community Involvement
  • Holidays/Events

Responding and reacting to posts can go even further than just liking comments and thanking people for their feedback. Being really engaged with your audience should also include a concerted effort to check in on your clients (B2B) and engage with their posts; or (B2C) be aware of the conversation surrounding your brand so that you can be a part of it!

And, do everything with personality. As with everything we do, BRAND is our passion and being brand-led is our driving force. Not everyone has a wild and crazy personality and that’s okay – but having a serious and compassionate personality doesn’t have to be dry. Just make sure that your personality online is on-brand with who you are at your core and you are speaking to your customers in a personable way.

Now, I know I’ve said “consistency” a few times already, but it merits a mention at least one more time. Be consistent. You may need to start small, that’s okay – just keep going. Admittedly, we have been challenged with consistency – mostly because we throw ourselves into our client work and only look up to notice that we’ve been neglecting ourselves again. I’m sure many of you can relate. But this is important and we are being accountable to it.

Download our Free Social Media Calendar Template!

Creating a customized social media calendar can help your team stay on task and remain consistent in reaching and engaging with your audience! Download our free customizable calendar tool and get planning!