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Making Your Content Count

Three Tips to Make Your Content Stand Out in a Crowd


You know you need to create “content” for your site to rank well.  You’ve considered your business and your target audience, you’ve defined a problem they have, and you set out to solve it for them.. in blog form.

So far so good! But chances are – if you think your customers need to know something – someone, somewhere has thought the same thing as you. The internet is full of articles on how to do and what to know about, well, everything! When your customers turn to Google they can just as easily find their answer from a competitor. In this age of information, how do you stand out and create unique content and not just reiterate what many other people in your industry are saying? If you’re staring at your laptop, not knowing where to start, here are few key tips.

1. Give it a twist!

You know your business better than anyone, so speak about what you know, be the expert. When was a time you solved that problem for one of your customers? What were some of the things you learned? Chances are you have more than a few examples and stories that you could share to show your readers that you have the knowledge and experience necessary to answer their questions.  

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, if there’s a resource out there that’s already said it perfectly, link your content to that web page, (especially if you are associated or affiliated with the source) but still give them a something fresh to consider. In fact, linking to other reputable sources that you are affiliated with can be a great way to validate your authority. 

Does that mean you should go on to tell long, drawn-out stories? Absolutely not. A recent study by Microsoft Corp revealed that the average human attention span went from 12 to 8 seconds from 2000 to today (source). That’s less than a goldfish, people!  You want to keep it short and get to the point quickly, users are searching for answers and you have to capture their attention before they move on. How? I thought you’d never ask.

2. Speak or write?

Talk to them. Do you know who your customer is and are you speaking their language? You may say, but we aren’t speaking here, we’re writing, right? Well, sort of. You want to write as if you were talking to a friend, keeping your words authentic and conversational.   This will not only make your article much easier and more enjoyable to read, it also has a higher comprehension and retention rate (source). 

Empathize with your reader. “Have you ever had this problem? We know how hard it can be.” You want your writing to have a voice. Customers can see right through marketing speech so don’t be afraid to be who you are! People do business with people they like and, let’s be honest, you also enjoy working with people that you like.  So let your personality out and let your customers find you.

3. Local & Relevant

Does everyone have to find you? Ideally, to gain higher ranking in the search engines, yes.  But let’s say you’re a landscaping company in Wisconsin, does it matter if someone in Texas finds your article? Sure, it may be useful to them, but they aren’t your target and aren’t likely to become your customer. Unless you’re trying to reach a national audience – focus your content on your target geography. 

Think: What does local mean to you? Is it the state of Wisconsin, is it Green Bay, or Northeast Wisconsin?  What is relevant to your audience? Lakefront landscaping solutions, plants appropriate for zones 4 and 5, preparing your plants for the winter season, snow removal anybody? Okay, so those are obvious, let’s try less obvious… How about “What you need to create the perfect outdoor grilling space for your next Packer party!”?

Finally, taking all of this into consideration; solving a problem, giving your customers the information they seek, keeping it local, and being genuinely you, there’s one message that should be loud and clear – YOUR PASSION.  Your customers will easily be able to see that your business is driven by what you love (which is what they’re looking for)!

Welcome Amber Rockey, Web Solutions Manager

Amber Rockey Joins BRING Studios as Web Solutions Manager


We welcomed Amber Rockey to the BRING team on March 1st, 2018. Amber is taking the lead on our digital solutions; developing and maintaining websites, social networking, and search engine optimization.  Amber has 7 years of experience curating the digital presence of several local businesses.


Amber hails from Pulaski – where she lives with her husband and two girls. When she’s not trying to make the internet a more beautiful and relevant experience only three things get her amped: music, nurturing life – whether in her children or in her garden, and smashing goals. She’s all about improvement and she brings that attitude to work with her every day. #BetterFasterStronger

We are excited about what Amber has to bring to our Digital and Video Studio. About her new position with Bring, Amber had this to say:

“I’m extremely excited to be here and look forward to working with all of the future and existing BRING clients! I put 100% into everything I do and the team here is excellent at elevating ideas and inspiring more creativity.”


Amber can be contacted at

Or connect with Amber on LinkedIn here:


2017 Gold ADDY Awarded for Hinterland Brewery Website

Award Winning Web Design by BRING Studios


Turning Amber to Gold.

Not only was the rebrand of the Hinterland Brewery website an awesome project to work on, but it recently took GOLD at the Addy Awards. After an indepth journey of beer tasting, tours, photography, design, brand positioning, more beer tasting and web development, we created a site that perfectly reflects the Hinterland brand in promise, tone and imagery.

If you don’t believe us, then check out, then go there for a sampling of craft beer and coolness and you’ll see what we mean.


BRING repositions with new space and video production studios

BRING Studios Office in Green Bay WI


We’re happy to feel at home in our new space. We’re putting the finishing touches to our new digs and are excited to get energized with the new vibe. Our new 3,000 sq ft office is adjacent to Pixelmax Studios with several room sets and a huge white sweep. So, in addition to our focus on Brand and Web Development, we have expanded our Video Production capabilities to be some of the best in the area. Don’t be shy! Stop over for a tour at 900 Challenger Drive, Green Bay.

BRING handcrafts new video for DLM

BRING Produced Video Production


Just finished up a new video to show the “details, dedication, and delivery” of DLM. Shot at Lambeau, in Milwaukee, and in Chicago, the video supports the brand promise while focusing on the high level of craftsmanship for the Green Bay Packers, Godfrey & Kahn, and Kimpton Hotels. From start to finish, the project was created by our in-house video department.

bold environmental graphics in gym

Suamico is Officially Unstoppable

Bring designs environmental graphics for new Xperience Fitness location


On December 20th, Xperience Fitness Suamico opened its doors.  We watched this location develop from a pile of gravel, to Suamico’s premier fitness destination.  We previously developed the Xperience Fitness – Be Unstoppable branding which was communicated through digital, television and outdoor media in Northeast & Southeast Wisconsin as well as the Minneapolis/St. Paul areas.

As part of the continued brand elevation of Xperience Fitness – Be Unstoppable, we focused on environmental branding in Suamico first. This ensures that no matter where members go in the gym, they are always motivated and supported on on their unstoppable journey. Well, maybe not everywhere. You’re supposed to keep your eyes closed in the tanning booth!

Even as you’re about to walk out, you’re reminded that you’re leaving stronger than when you came and encouraged to come back for more!

We’re so happy to be a part of Xperience’s growth in Northeast Wisconsin and can’t wait to roll out this environmental branding to other Xperience gym locations in the future. Xperience Fitness is passionate about helping their members meet their fitness goals, and BRING is passionate about elevating brands.  You can read our full Xperience Fitness case study here.

Burnham Richards is now BRING

Burnham Richards Advertising Rebrands as BRING Studios


Burnham Richards rebrands with new name to better reflect their promise.

After 14 years of success as burnham richards – brand elevators, the De Pere based branding and digital agency is changing its name to better communicate its existing brand promise to clients and to amplify its staff mantra. The company changed its name to BRING to solidify its promise to focus on developing a brand with a shared passion and to bring creative surprise to every piece of communication that surrounds it. In a fragmented sea of companies offering singular marketing specialties, BRING differentiates itself by uncovering the core truth and delivering brand-led solutions that become the nucleus of entire marketing campaigns.

“We’ve seen a transition from agency of record to agency of resource. More than ever, clients want better, more efficient work and they are looking to companies like us to bring brand solutions and high-end executional resources,” explained David Richards, BRING principal, “We start with the brand then surround it with the perfect mix of resources. It’s not about selling services, it’s about bringing results.”

Started in 2002, the company founders brought their national brand experience from Harley-Davidson, Northwest Airlines, Polaris, Mall of America and Minnesota Office of Tourism to regional brands including Nicolet National Bank, Grand Central Station, Bay Oral Surgery, Xperience Fitness and WG&R Furniture. Located on George Street in De Pere, BRING has an experienced team who develop brands, concept ideas, produce TV spots and video content, design & develop websites and execute digital and traditional media buys.

“At BRING, it’s all about energizing the meeting with fresh ideas and smart strategies,” Richards elaborated. “As we work with clients directly or through their in-house marketing teams, we offer full collaboration with a synergy of skillsets. No egos, all teamwork.”

The company also plans to move locations this fall to expand their resources to include on-site photography and video studios/production, and strengthen their media buying power.

Enough is Enuffintop!

Bring creates successful "Enuffintop" Capaign for Xperience Fitness


Helping our clients succeed and connect with their audience is our number one goal, and for Xperience Fitness we saw a great win/win opportunity for both our client and their customers. From “Thirsty Thursday” straight through to “Sunday Funday,” summer can be a challenging time for those looking to lose weight and focus on health. Ironically, summer is also one of the slowest seasons for gym memberships.

We wanted to connect with the people who spend Sunday night regretting a week of overindulgence and promising to start their new diet and fitness routine on Monday. Our goal was to strike a nerve in a fun and relevant way, and with ads that read “Enuffintop – Get Fit Monday,” people can admit that now is the time to hit the gym. Summer is short in the Midwest, but now we can still enjoy our festivals, barbecues and fairs, as long as we hit the gym on Monday!

Enuffintop Animated Gif

Do you trust yourself?

How to build a trustworthy brand


The answer should be YES, of course. If you can’t look at yourself in the mirror and love what you see what hope do we have? The same goes for brands. Every brand has a personality, a promise and an attribute that makes them stand out, connect and engage with the right audience. As a brand development company, we work with clients to research, discover and create a brand and often a name that resonates in the marketplace. What does it say and what does it stand for? Our 4-6 week brand development process provides a new brand position and graphic/communication strategy to deliver our new message to your world – looking to make new and meaningful connections.

So, back to the mirror. As an experiment on engaging with brands and names that we trust, I spent 20 minutes on LinkedIn and sent connection requests to 40 other David Richards across the country in all industries. One by one, 39 David Richards’ from all walks of life and professions, saw the equity in the name and the instant brand recognition based on their own perceived values. That’s a 97.5% ROI!

Ultimately your customers want to do business with a brand that they can identify with, own, and share values that they see important to themselves. Does your brand do this? If the answer is no, or I don’t know – perhaps we should talk.

Salute to Smiles on NBC26 Cares

Bring gets Bay Oral featured on local news for Salute to Smiles Program


To help Bay Oral Surgery continue with their mission to give back to the community, we developed the Salute To Smiles Program in the fall of 2015 as a way to connect area dentists with military backgrounds and local veterans in order to provide much needed dental procedures. The inspiration for this program came from Bay Oral Surgery’s three ex-military oral surgeons, Dr. David LeMoine, Dr. Bradley Koch and Dr. Charles Ellis.

After coordinating and matching patients with local dentists and Bay Oral surgeons, it was time for the kick off party where the all the participating veterans, dentists and surgeons got a chance to meet each other and share their stories before their care plans started in December 2015.

As of today, the restorative portion of each patient’s care plan is nearly complete. All the veterans are extremely thankful for the dental care they received, and we are in the initial planning stages for Salute to Smiles 2016!

We reached out to Stacy Engebretson at NBC26 because we knew this powerful story had to be shared right away. She interviewed patient Michael Schuenke, Dr. David LeMoine and Bay Oral Surgery Office Manager, Katie VandeVoort to find out what Salute to Smiles meant to them personally.

The day after the story aired, Bay Oral Surgery started getting calls from veterans in need of dental care who want to be a part of Salute to Smiles in 2016. We couldn’t be more proud of Bay Oral Surgery and we are honored to be a part of such a wonderful program to help our local veterans.  Stay tuned for Salute to Smiles 2016!