Bring creates successful "Enuffintop" Capaign for Xperience Fitness

Enough is Enuffintop!

Helping our clients succeed and connect with their audience is our number one goal, and for Xperience Fitness we saw a great win/win opportunity for both our client and their customers. From “Thirsty Thursday” straight through to “Sunday Funday,” summer can be a challenging time for those looking to lose weight and focus on health. Ironically, summer is also one of the slowest seasons for gym memberships.

We wanted to connect with the people who spend Sunday night regretting a week of overindulgence and promising to start their new diet and fitness routine on Monday. Our goal was to strike a nerve in a fun and relevant way, and with ads that read “Enuffintop – Get Fit Monday,” people can admit that now is the time to hit the gym. Summer is short in the Midwest, but now we can still enjoy our festivals, barbecues and fairs, as long as we hit the gym on Monday!