How to build a trustworthy brand

Do you trust yourself?

The answer should be YES, of course. If you can’t look at yourself in the mirror and love what you see what hope do we have? The same goes for brands. Every brand has a personality, a promise and an attribute that makes them stand out, connect and engage with the right audience. As a brand development company, we work with clients to research, discover and create a brand and often a name that resonates in the marketplace. What does it say and what does it stand for? Our 4-6 week brand development process provides a new brand position and graphic/communication strategy to deliver our new message to your world – looking to make new and meaningful connections.

So, back to the mirror. As an experiment on engaging with brands and names that we trust, I spent 20 minutes on LinkedIn and sent connection requests to 40 other David Richards across the country in all industries. One by one, 39 David Richards’ from all walks of life and professions, saw the equity in the name and the instant brand recognition based on their own perceived values. That’s a 97.5% ROI!

Ultimately your customers want to do business with a brand that they can identify with, own, and share values that they see important to themselves. Does your brand do this? If the answer is no, or I don’t know – perhaps we should talk.