The Great Social Media Strategy Reset of 2021

Social Media Strategy for 2021

What better way to put out the dumpster fire that was 2020 and embrace the new year than with a fresh perspective on your social media strategy. Coming up: Part 1 on how to engage better with your followers on social media. Also, if you’re not engaging on social media, you’re not engaging. Now is the time to step it up.

For the purposes of this super informative blog post about social media trends for 2021 (#keywords), we are going to be talking about the power hitters: Facebook – Instagram – LinkedIn – and Twitter. And, what better place to kick this off than by…

Defining Your Target Audience

You may already have your target market and customer personas defined, in which case, it will be useful for you to know the main personas that are being served at each of these networks.


Facebook is basically everyone Millennial and up. (I took the liberty of linking a source that shows the generations by birth year HERE in the event that you don’t already know.) This market would be everyone but the younger generations are not sold on Facebook. They’re looking for a little more originality and don’t really want to have conversations online that will be subject to their grandma. Let me clarify, they are still in attendance but if your customer base is Gen-Y or Gen-Z, you will want to aim your focus on a network that caters specifically to them like Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat.

Still, Facebook is a huge market. Worldwide it has 2.7 BILLION – with a B, monthly active users. It’s algorithm for reaching just the right niche in its social advertising is unmatched. Where Google is unmatched for finding new customers with keywords, Facebook finds potential customers with interests and with online behavior. With that in mind, all content types do well here – video, links, images, text – and all intersectional demographics are present.


Instagram is for visual content. If your business produces great visuals: images, video, or the like, you should be all over this one. And even if that’s not what you DO, per se, if you have the capability to produce great visual content, Instagram could really help you spike your engagement. Even though you aren’t able to share links (thumbs down), engaging with your post is as simple as a quick double tap (thumbs up).


LinkedIn is all B2B. Highly motivational and trying hard to be inspirational; all high fives and business relationships. From a professional perspective, if you do business to business work, do a lot of hiring, or consider yourself an industry leader/influencer you should definitely be present and active on LinkedIn.


Finally, Twitter. I think of Twitter as a brand ambassador. No better way to define your brand personality than by engaging with people through conversations. Twitter makes you get to the point, short and sweet in 280 characters or less – that’s never stopped people from writing stories on Twitter, but I digress.

Making a Plan for Your Sharable Content

Knowing where to be is only half the battle. Knowing HOW to engage your customers is where you want to put some extra thought. Looking at your customer personas, ask yourself some of these behavioral questions:

  • Do your customers/clients/followers like memes?
  • Do they want links to reputable data sources, studies, and research?
  • Do they spend their downtime scrolling through short, fun videos?

Once you’ve defined these target metrics, decide how each specific network will be used. For example:

On Twitter

  • we will share company updates, news and information (what)
  • we will @ mention clients and #hashtag whenever possible in both relevant and fun ways (how)
  • we will only post when we have relevant updates to share or in conversation with customers (when)
  • person A is responsible for sharing updates, Person B is responsible for monitoring and engaging (who)

On IG (that’s slang for Instagram)

  • we will share finished project videos and photography (what).
  • approved photo filters are Lark, Crema, and Perpetua (how).
  • we will post to our IG Story at least once every day (when) and we will store relevant sharable content on XYZ drive for accessibility(where).
  • person A is responsible for project posts, Person B is responsible for Story content (who).

Why? Because data has shown that being consistent is the most important factor in being relevant (and staying visible) on social media.

TEASER: we have more tips on being engaged and how to bolster that engagement coming up in our follow-up post The Power of Engagement.

What can you take away from this? Do you need to need to more clearly define your target audience? Will you set up expectations for each social network? Find us on one of the aforementioned social networks and let us know how you plan to revise your strategy for the new year!

WIT TF is going on!?

WIT TF is going on?

Bring designs new label for Hinterland beer, Wit TF


WIT TF is going on. And so is Liquid Provisions- two new beers from Hinterland and two new package designs from BRING Studios. From their website to brand videos to names and label designs, Hinterland always turns to us to get the creative juices and beer flowing.

The first beer, WIT TF, was inspired by a traditional Belgian White before Hinterland put their own twist on it. They gave their beer a facelift by infusing grapefruit peel, coriander, and cardamom. Look out! This flavor packs a punch. WIT TF takes its name from the flavorful twist on WIT beer and is derived from the longer Polish version WITCZAK ( /Wit -saHK.) as the beer is great for the bold personalities, the ones who love to stand out in a crowd, and demand to be heard.

The second beer, Liquid Provisions, was inspired by a partnership with Voyageurs Sourdough, a local Green Bay Bakery and Artisan Breadsmith. Both Hinterland and Voyageurs have a love for working with Wisconsin local grains and producing hand-crafted, delicious products. They are a true match made in heaven. The new beer, Liquid Provisions, was made with actual loaves of Voyageurs’ sourdough in its brew. This beer embodies all of the delicious goodness you would expect from drinking bread. Cheers!

Sparks Fly with new Century Drill Brand Video.

BRING tells Century Drill story in new brand video


When Century Drill wanted a BRAND-LED video that told their unique story of “making things the way they used to be made” they turned to BRING studios. Why? Because as they said “Not many video production companies understand branding quite like you do”

From New York to Chicago to Green Bay, the Century Tool brand story has never wavered from its commitment to quality. (A word that’s easily thrown around)  Century wanted to demonstrate the process they take to make better power tool accessories through stronger metal compounds, non-compromising manufacturing techniques and incessant QC testing. In addition to quality, Century offers  the trade and consumers one of the broadest product lines on the market- demonstrated by their “blue wall” of products and many hardware stores. Finally, by focussing solely on power tool accessories and not the power tools or tool boxes or other other products, Century could perfect their craft and become the go-to brand for many professional builders and mechanics.

BRING Studios worked with the client to create the Century Tools brand video to be used for sales presentations. From initial scripting to production on location in Wisconsin, Minnesota and at BRING Studios, the video gives customers a clear understanding of the Century Brand and their superior products.

Web Design With a Bit of Extra Pep and Pizzazz

BRING launches new website for Pep's 62 Pizza


Our new Pep’s 62 web design is guaranteed to make your mouth water. The website features all six frozen pizzas on a fun and interactive platform.

This heritage brand was founded in 1962. In the process of the design it was important to Pep’s 62 that they continue to respect their history, while continuing to push their brand forward. This new design embodies the brand’s valued traditions with a modern spin and engaging design. 

Our Web Solutions Manager, Amber, led this project and shared 

“I LOVE pizza. Love it. So having the opportunity to design and develop this amazing pizza website for Pep’s took me straight to my joy zone. 


Check out Pep’s 62’s site here.

View more of our work in web design here.

June 25, 2020In Web DesignBy bringresults

Bring on the awards

BRING takes home two awards at 2020 Telly Awards


This year we are excited to announce that our team has received, not one, but two 2020 Telly Awards! In the category of local television a silver Telly Award was given for our work presented in the Finer Things spot we produced for August Haven. We also received a second silver Telly Award in the category of regional television with our First and Ten spot produced for Xperience Fitness. 

The Telly Awards were created to highlight the best work produced in the global video production industry and has evolved throughout the years to construct a platform to celebrate video content of the highest quality. In its early years, the Telly Awards focused on television ads but as digital media expanded it began to recognize video production produced for all platforms. The Telly Awards offer recognition to the most prestigious video producers in the world.

David Richards, BRING Principal and Creative Director, shared:

“It’s great to be reminded that we are able to produce global quality work on a local level 

We are truly humbled by our recognition and want to congratulate all other 2020 award recipients. Hard work really does pay off!

Going Back to Our Wisconsin Roots

Bring creates new website design for GLC Agronomy


Our latest web design was created for GLC Minerals Agronomy Division. We loved working with this brand because their product directly fed into the support of local farms. GLC produces minerals to farms that are applied to soil to support the yield and quality of crops.

On a farm there needs to be balance and unity. Similarly, these same qualities are reflected within our new web design. With the redesign we were able to enhance navigation and strengthen their brand image. Organization and concise communication were key factors within this design. 

It was important that this site was produced quickly before the peak of application season. In Spring, farmers use GLC’s products to ensure a successful harvest. We are thankful to have played a part in the growth of this brand and we look forward to continue to watch them blossom in the future. The new website was promoted to farmers through a digital display campaign to elevate the GLC Minerals brand and increase web traffic. 

Our Web Solutions Manager, Amber, said,

I’m so pleased with how the GLC Agronomy project turned out! It was fun working with the team at Great Lakes Calcium and I enjoyed assisting them in better communicating their product benefits. 


Check out GLC’s Agronomy site here.

View more of our work in web design here.

Welcome Josh Sauer, Video Solutions Manager

Bring welcomes new video solutions manager, Josh Sauer


We welcomed Josh Sauer to the BRING team as Video Solutions Manager on May 4, 2020.


Josh has an eye for creative storytelling and is an exceptional video producer.  He is a true triple threat in the video world, with his heightened abilities to shoot, edit and produce motion graphics. His skills will undoubtably elevate any brand from their competitors. One of his most notable accomplishments in his career is his EMMY-Nomination for best achievement in news promotion in 2016. We are excited to discover new ways to implement Josh’s vast skill set to future projects! Outside of work Josh enjoys music, specifically playing guitar. During his time off you can hear in play in a variety of Green Bay venues.

We are excited to share the video and animation solutions that Josh brings to the team. When asked what he is looking forward to most Josh said:

I’ve always had such a strong passion for commercials. As a kid, they were my favorite part of television programming. I found them fascinating. More than anything I look forward to making my childhood dreams a reality by creating high quality video content.


Josh can be contacted at


Hinterland celebrates 25 years

Bring designs labels for Hinterland 25th Anniversary Beers


After 25 years Hinterland never stops exploring.

To celebrate 25 years of challenging beer drinkers to “taste beyond their boundaries.” Hinterland owner, Bill Tressler and Brewmaster, Joe Karls put their heads together to come up with a complete line of anniversary beers with their usual twist.

Whether it’s intriguing names like “Jamaican Haze” or “For Fruit Sake,” or a crazy recipe idea like “What would happen if we put 1,200 paczki donuts into our imperial stout?” – after 25 years Hinterland hasn’t stopped exploring or having fun.

For the new can packaging design, logos and social media videos, Hinterland turned to BRING Studios. ” BRING had come up with the ‘Taste beyond your Boundaries’ messaging to communicate our brand,” said Tressler. “They also created our website– so when it came to the new beers, they really understood where we’ve been and where we’re going, by sharing that sense of adventure.”
A series of beers will be released throughout the year. Keep up with the new brews at or through their social media channels.

Welcome Morgan Krouth, Brand Solutions Manager

Bring adds a new brand soutions manager, Morgan Krouth


We welcomed Morgan Krouth to the BRING team as Brand Solutions Manager on May 4, 2020.


Morgan is a true creative mastermind. Her passion and insight in the field of strategic design is guaranteed to catch the eye of consumers. She studied advertising and graphic design at both Marquette University and the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. Morgan is a force who fears no challenge. She originally began her time at BRING as an intern. During this time, we saw just how talented and focused she is. We are ecstatic she had accepted our invitation back to the team as our Brand Solutions Manager. Outside of work Morgan continues to build her creative passion by painting, jewelry making and throwing clay on the pottery wheel. She is a natural born creative. 

We are excited about the strategic design solutions that Morgan brings to the team. When asked what she is looking forward to most about her new position Morgan said:

Coming back to BRING has felt like coming home. I am most excited to be working with such an amazing group of people. It took no time for me to adjust to my new position, since I already have such a strong foundation with the team.


Morgan can be contacted at

REDI for a Re-Brand

Bring re-brands WIsconsin Lock & Load as REDI Transports


You may have heard of Wisconsin Lock & Load or seen their transport vehicles around town. They’ve been providing reliable prisoner and detainee transports since 2006. But in recent years they started extending their reach beyond Wisconsin and expanding their services to include a whole new market for behavioral health patients, so the name Wisconsin Lock & Load no longer seemed appropriate. They needed a name and brand identity that would convey their expanded services and key qualities. That’s where BRING came in.

BRING completed a brand audit and conducted research among clients from both markets to help create a new brand and uncover their unique selling points. The result was REDI Transports, a strong brand name that highlights their key qualities without alienating either market/audience. REDI stands for Responsive, Efficient, Dependable and Informed—the very qualities customers are looking for when they hire a transport company.

BRING then created a logo to represent the new brand. A strong, bold typeface was used to signify the authoritative position of the company while incorporating a more soothing teal blue gradient to fit with the behavioral health side of the business. A subtle arrow graphic was added to convey movement and progression along with a chain link to indicate the security aspect of the brand.

Once the new name and logo were developed, a new website was needed to convey the brand identity and clearly communicate their expanded services to two specific markets: prisoner and behavioral health. BRING created a very strong, clean and intuitive website design built upon the new brand identity. The REDI Transports website is easy to navigate for their two separate and very different audiences, giving them the option to get more info about prisoner transport services or behavioral health transport services depending on their specific needs. To complete the website redesign, new photography was needed to tell the story and fit with the rebrand. BRING shot a wide variety of action photography at a training session, their office and at BRING’s studio to capture various scenarios and provide the client with a comprehensive photography portfolio to use on the website as well as in other applications as needed. (You can check out the new website here.)

The client was extremely satisfied with the process from beginning to end and it was a great partnership.

 “The BRING team did an amazing job capturing our company. We truly value our partnership and appreciate their hard work and attention to detail.”

–Alicia Stevenson, VP of REDI Transports.

The transformation from Wisconsin Lock & Load to REDI Transports has been well received by its customers and positions the company to continue its growth and be even more successful in the future.