Bring designs new label for Hinterland beer, Wit TF

WIT TF is going on?

WIT TF is going on. And so is Liquid Provisions- two new beers from Hinterland and two new package designs from BRING Studios. From their website to brand videos to names and label designs, Hinterland always turns to us to get the creative juices and beer flowing.

The first beer, WIT TF, was inspired by a traditional Belgian White before Hinterland put their own twist on it. They gave their beer a facelift by infusing grapefruit peel, coriander, and cardamom. Look out! This flavor packs a punch. WIT TF takes its name from the flavorful twist on WIT beer and is derived from the longer Polish version WITCZAK ( /Wit -saHK.) as the beer is great for the bold personalities, the ones who love to stand out in a crowd, and demand to be heard.

The second beer, Liquid Provisions, was inspired by a partnership with Voyageurs Sourdough, a local Green Bay Bakery and Artisan Breadsmith. Both Hinterland and Voyageurs have a love for working with Wisconsin local grains and producing hand-crafted, delicious products. They are a true match made in heaven. The new beer, Liquid Provisions, was made with actual loaves of Voyageurs’ sourdough in its brew. This beer embodies all of the delicious goodness you would expect from drinking bread. Cheers!