BRING Produces Video Series for Mobile Modular

Building Advanced Manufacturing Skills with Mobile Modular_

Mobile Modular Training Systems provide innovative training equipment and curriculum to build Advanced Manufacturing skills. Mobile Modular is revolutionizing the way in which manufacturers are being trained by introducing flexibility and versatility to the training process. This differs from traditional training equipment in that all of their training systems are portable. This makes it incredibly easy to bring the training to its students whether it’s in the classroom, in a conference room, or on a shop floor. Mobile Modular is also built to be constructed, taken apart, and reconfigured over and over, each time offering a new outcome. This offers a truly unique training experience that their competitors can not match.

Being created by a group of engineers, Mobile Modular knew they had created something great but they struggled with creating a clear and compelling voice for their brand. They came to BRING asking us to help solidify their brand by creating five videos featuring various benefits they have to offer while creating a concise, consistent tone for their brand. As always, we rose to the challenge.

We were able to assist Mobile Modular in creating brand-led promotional videos. Our process of creative storytelling requires all hands on deck to ensure we create a full and clear image for our target audience. Whether or not someone is in the field of advanced manufacturing, it was important we were able to give our view digestible information to create a clear picture of who Mobile Modular is and what they do.

Take a moment to video series we were able to create for Mobile Modular:


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System Expansion


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