Jump Start Foods was founded in the Spring of 2020 as a pandemic passion project. Founders, Dave and Ted, are seasoned food marketers and brand opportunists. Both bring more than 30 years of experience to the table. They created Jump Start Foods as an outlet for their wealth of knowledge, making long-standing brands new and exciting again.

Brand Messaging & Creative Concepts

Jump Start Foods first came to BRING in their early stages of development. During this time they had just attained two sauces brands, Hoffman House and Bennett’s. They asked for our help to shed new light on these legendary brands by producing new strategic brand messaging and creative concepts. 

Website Development

After applying the new strategy it wasn’t long before business took off and the floodgate of demand had opened. We were then able to assist Jump Start Foods in the creation of their website, which included a store finder with all of the locations that carry their products. With the help of our specialized SEO services, loyal consumers were able to reunite with the lovable and long-standing brands, Hoffman House and Bennett’s. Countless customers came forward to share powerful stories on the website’s contact form thanking Jump Start for bringing these products back to life.

Social Media & Micro-influencer Partnership

Additionally, we were able to set up social media accounts for Jump Start Foods’ brands. These pages will allow Jump Start to speak to their audience directly and respond to their overwhelming number of appreciative sauce enthusiasts. Not only will Jump Start be capitalizing on reaching the existing customer base, they will also be expanding their following through a partnership BRING was able to initiate with Amy Hanten, The Cooking Mom. Hanten has a strong presence on social media with thousands of followers that directly align with Jump Start Foods target audience. This partnership allowed Jump Start Foods to advertise the accessibility of their brands to existing customers, as well as inspire trial for new customers.

Neck Hanger Coupons

Lastly, after Jump Start Foods had their products stocked up on the shelves we were able to assist them in designing and printing neck hanger coupons to display to customers in stores. This incentivizes new and existing customers to stock up on the newly relaunched products with the opportunity for savings. 

Throughout the last year we have been able to assist Jump Start Foods in getting their product not only in stores, but flying off the shelves. The amount of support and thanks Jump Start has received made these jobs so much more rewarding. We look forward to projecting this brand forward by building off of the great momentum they’ve gain in such a short amount of time. To celebrate our success, we decided to have a fish fry to enjoy the great products we’ve been promoting for the last several months.