BRING leads Xperience Fitness Rebrand

XPerience Branding from the Inside Out

If you want your customers to connect with your brand, where do you begin? In the rush to launch an external brand campaign (and generate sales) the most logical starting point, internal branding is often overlooked.

Why does this matter? From an internal communications standpoint, studies have proven that employees who are connected with their company perform better and report greater job satisfaction. Any sales driven organization certainly benefits from motivated, happy employees. But internal branding can relay your unique value proposition far outside the walls of your business.

By developing a robust internal branding strategy, you can create brand evangelists at every level of your organization and multiply your brand’s reach exponentially. When your staff is “All In” your customers are sure to follow. It’s the power of contagious branding and shared enthusiasm.

We recently helped rebrand Xperience Fitness with a “brand promise” that employees could own and rally behind. Once the brand promise was established we then created a “Brand Mantra Book” that included an employee pledge to “Go All In!” The books accomplished three key goals: education, motivation, and affirmation for the entire organization. 

internal brand book


The Brand Mantra Book clearly defines the company’s brand promise to go “All In” for outstanding customer experiences. The book also spells out goals and expectations for employees by elaborating on the meaning of the brand promise. 


The book challenges employees to “Stretch Further” and to “Go Outside Your Comfort Zone” to reach their full potential. The positive messages also instill the confidence that Xperience Fitness has in its staff to provide the highest standards of customer service. 


By setting the bar high, Xperience Fitness affirms its belief in the strength of its employees and the contributions that each one is capable of making. The book also promotes inclusivity by inviting “Everybody In” to create a supportive community.

To further engage employees, we also shot a “Mantra Video” of staff sharing their passion and belief in the “All In” battle cry. The new materials were shared at a special Xperience Fitness event to re-energize thinking and elevate the member experience

What may seem like a minor detail in your overall brand strategy can actually have a huge impact on the success of your campaigns. After all, how can you expect your team to deliver the brand promise unless it is first clearly defined and communicated?

BRING has over 20 years of branding experience with local, regional and national clients. Talk to us about how to get your staff on board to become passionate storytellers and your biggest ambassadors.