The difference between in-house + outsourced video?

Preparing for Video Production

Video technology is constantly evolving. If you want to spend your media dollars on the most cutting-edge, quality production, you need to ask a lot of questions when interviewing potential vendors, including whether video production is in-house or outsourced. Most likely, the response will be, “We outsource our video production and leave it to the experts.”

That sounds good, right? Leave it to the experts rather than try to be a “jack of all trades and master of none.” But, an experienced, dedicated in-house video production team can provide greater value for the same or lower cost than an outsourced resource. Consider that the dedicated in-house video production team is:

  • Working daily alongside creative developers and account reps, so they have a full understanding of your brand and can be agile, responsive and efficient at all times.
  • Involved in the process from start to finish, so they understand your goals for the video.
  • Part of a larger team, including digital and marketing strategists, which means you will have a fully consultative experience and guidance on how best to leverage your video investment for maximum ROI.

Visit our YouTube page to see our latest video production projects or contact us to learn more about how BRING Studio’s in-house video production can help you stand out from competitors.

Are Videos Expensive to Make?

It’s impossible to miss the fact that video is a leading form of marketing in the digital era. It’s one of the few ways to really stand out in a crowded online environment. The good news is that videos can actually deliver excellent ROI at a cost that is lower than what you may think – but only if you choose the right production team.

To manage costs, it’s best to do your homework and ask the right questions. Here are a few questions to ask your prospective vendor:

  • Do you own your equipment and production space?
  • Do you have in-house expertise for everything from coordinating shoots, scripting, shooting the actual video, and post-production editing?
  • How much experience and training does your video production team have?
  • Can you make tactical recommendations for how I should use this video to maximize ROI?
  • Can you provide work samples and references?

If the vendor answers “yes” to all of these questions, then you’re on the right track. Visit our YouTube page to see our latest video production projects or contact us to learn more about how BRING’s in-house video production can help you stand-out from competitors.