Team = You+Us+insight

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At BRING we keep it lean, so we make sure we bring the most efficient people to the meeting. It’s all about smartest route to the best solution. Our team brings a diverse background with a common goal of insightful strategy based on passion truth and surprise. Now, if you want to have a big meeting we can certainly bring more people to make you feel better – but why would you?


Headshots of David Richards

David Richards – Brand Director/Principal

From Scotland to London to Minneapolis to Wisconsin, David brings over 25 years of brand development experience and a mixed-up accent to every meeting, shoot or idea session. He has worked in large agencies like Bozell, Fallon, VML and Olson in Minneapolis on a variety of large accounts such as Northwest Airlines,  Mall of America, Old Dutch Chips, Ryan Construction and Marquette Bank. Since the agency opened in 2001, BRING has elevated brands for many successful organizations including: Nicolet Bank, Grand Central Station, Airfire Mobile, Aurora Baycare, Shopko, Kohler and Enstrom Helicopter. David has guided many clients through the agency’s brand development process and has spoken on the subject of branding at many events. Once a brand has been developed and communicated internally, David knows the importance of creating a big, brand-driven idea and assembling the right team to execute it externally.

Ask David to bring: creative ideas, contagious enthusiasm and beer. The darker the better.


Headshots of Stacy Richards

Stacy Richards – Director of Strategy/Operations/Principal

With 25 years of brand advertising experience, Stacy carries an impressive resumé of past agency accounts, including Harley-Davidson, Mack Trucks, Minnesota Office of Tourism and Polaris Snowmobiles, Watercraft and ATVs. A 9 year veteran of renowned Minneapolis agency, Carmichael Lynch, Stacy managed clients on the account side, leading both strategy and brand development. She is an authority on brand strategy and an expert in communicating on strategy, on target and on time. She also knows great creative when she sees it, making her an invaluable agency partner. At BRING, Stacy is the ultimate multi-tasker, she brings incredible brand insight and strategic guidance while gripping the helm in the agency operation’s wheelhouse.

Ask Stacy to bring invaluable experience and strange yoga moves.



Headshots of Tyler Gerhartz

Tyler Gerhartz – Graphic Designer/Video Producer

Whether it’s a logo, brochure, website or video shoot, Tyler has a passion for brand story telling. Keep it simple, keep it compelling and make it memorable. He drives the production department and challenges himself to bring ideas to life across all mediums and set your brand apart in a unique way.

Ask Tyler to bring surprisingly creative ideas, 3 chords and the truth.


Don Krumpos – Interactive Director

Don’s 12 years in digital development and design have led him to agency experience that includes web programming for national and international brands like Best Buy, Under Armor, 3M, and Dean Foods. No job is too complex for Don. Along with programming, Don brings an artistic twist to his work. He has experience at Fortune 500 Company, Patterson Dental, as art director and owns his own art gallery in Algoma, Wisconsin. At BRING, Don creates sophisticated, UX-driven websites that are strategically designed to deliver. He also  specializes in video motion graphics and responsive design. It’s easy to say that Don is the master of all things within the branded digital experience.

Ask Don to bring sophisticated web design and his prize collection of “curiosities”.