Integrative Lifestyle Website Proposal

Welcome to BRING

We are excited at the opportunity to bring passion, truth, surprise and results to your web rebrand and redesign.

At BRING we are more than just a web or video company, we bring brand strategy into everything that we do. Below we have outlined the steps that we recommend to give Integrative Lifestyle Medicine BayCare Clinic a website that clearly communicates the brand and simply communicates its benefits.

What’s the BRING?

1. Perform a Brand Audit with research to determine patient profiles, hot buttons and relevant path to connect.
2. Develop and new website that communicates the brand with improved functionality and seamless transitions between sites.

What’s the PROCESS?

At BRING , we focus on bringing brand-led results through creative, video and digital solutions. Therefore, before jumping straight into web development we thoroughly get acquainted with the brand and plan how we can strategically weave its strengths throughout the website. This insight comes from our Web/Brand audit that we execute early in the process.

See Appendix for Web/Brand Audit sample. 



We split our Web Development Process into 3 phases.


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During the discovery phase, we walk clients through a Web/Brand Audit to pull the relevant information, brand history, competitive overview and marketing goals. With these findings and additional research, we plan key messaging, create target personas and explore web functionality to reflect the brand. Once we have a solid understanding of the brand platform and how we intend to let users engage with it, we move on to information architecture, site mapping, and navigation.

Review client wish list
Asset & design file collection
Admin/login collection
Web/Brand audit
Target research
Competitive research
SEO Planning
Write copy/content
Content Hierarchy


During the Design phase, the website comes alive by pulling together graphics, copy/tone, and a programmed user experience. We present layouts for a homepage and specific internal pages to agree on colors, fonts, and site features, Once design elements are approved, we build a test site on a hidden server so you can interact with the site through to fruition. If photography and video are required they will be produced during this phase.

Create and present design options
Program responsive website
Input SEO terms, tags tricks
Build fully functioning test site
Import final copy/content
Rebrand social media links


Once we have final approval on the test site and have proofed, checked and double-checked it, we will push it live. We will host and maintain your website to keep all plugins and software up-to-date and make sure the site remains free of bugs or broken links. This is an ongoing process and is performed on a scheduled basis.

Launch new site
Test all links/emails/apps
Archive old site
Add Google Analytics
Add HotJar for heat mapping
Begin maintenance of site
Monthly traffic reports
Quarterly SEO management

CMS System

At BRING, we work on the WordPress platform which offers an intuitive Content Management System. As part of our web development process, we offer tutorial sessions with members of your team to teach how to update the site, if needed. These sessions include the training to create new pages, update content, import images, and videos, create blogs, and update galleries.

SEO manager and process

Search Engine Optimization starts with an effective amount of content that is both relevant and easy to read.

All pages are individually optimized during development to reach their full potential. By studying search terms and keywords/phrases, we will enhance your content to meet the current standards by building internal and external links with proper anchor text, and suggest backlinks.

We will train you and provide you with information on the best SEO practices for you to consider when posting to your blog.

Quarterly reports are available through your hosting agreement, of the activity on your website and an analysis of what can be done to improve your site’s visibility. Keeping your site up-to-date with fresh content encourages search engines to come back and re-index your site.

We can also offer additional services such as, ghostwriting blogs, link building to other reputable sites, update local listings, and managing reviews.

Hosting Agreement

At BRING we offer 4 levels of hosting depending on the storage size, app complexity, and required maintenance of the site. Your selected plan can be paid quarterly or annually. We host through WP Engine which is specifically designed to host WordPress sites. The WP Engine hosting benefits include: 24/7 support, daily back-ups, high-security protocol and a CDN with servers across the country.

BRING will maintain your site on the back end, making sure the site is kept up-to-date with plugins and software. We also offer analytical reports via Google Analytics and a heat map of your homepage to monitor popular clickthroughs. Additionally, we can offer SEO updates on a quarterly basis to help your site be searched properly by your target audience.


See Appendix for Hosting Agreement sample.

In-house programming capabilities

We have full-time, in-house programming capabilities at BRING. We work primarily in WordPress and can build a range of scalable sites from basic to fully-featured e-commerce. All sites are developed and maintained internally, providing quick access to the people who understand your brand and your site.

See below for examples of recent sites developed by BRING.

Project costs

All project costs are defined in the estimate attached under Appendix. This includes web development, video production, and photography. A prebill of 50% will be issued upon approval of estimates and reconciled on completion of the project. Hosting costs are invoiced and due upon installation of the test site.


See Appendix for Estimate

In-house video capabilities

From commercials and web videos to interviews, product demos and full TV shows, we offer creative development and full production services through final product. We have experience in shooting on location around the US or in our Green Bay studio which provides room set and white sweep capabilities. We also have an arsenal of production equipment (Canon cameras, lenses, jibs, dollies and light kits.) which allows us to go above and beyond to get the right results. See a sample of our production projects below.

CLIENT EXAMPLE: Xperience Q video, Mobile modular. Packers lombardi, August Haven Spotlight


We have a trusted timeline that goes along with our proven web development process. Our Digital Solutions Manager will guide you through every step until site launch, making sure your concerns are answered and that we are all proud of the completed product.


See Appendix for Sample Timeline




Web/Brand Audit



Hosting Agreement

Locations We Serve

We partner with well known brands in Green Bay, Fox Valley / Appleton, Milwaukee, Madison and across Wisconsin and the Midwest.