BRING Studios is HubSpot certified- meaning we know how to increase your website’s traffic with relevant content, digital campaigns, and social sharing. From there we can introduce marketing automation at many levels of sophistication and investment. We can create landing pages with form-to-list technology that segment prospects into categories that deliver future touchpoints based on their persona and interests. Ultimately, our goal is to delight prospects with your company’s expertise, benefits, and trust to convert them into a champion and customer.

Our Plans

Our HubSpot plans are not based on a good, better, best approach where you feel like you’re being upsold on a cookie-cutter box of tools. We take an apples, oranges, and bananas approach- meaning they are created to fit best with our existing customers and built from experience. Ask us about our HubSpot plans and which one may be right for you. To get the conversation going, please share some information below. Want free stuff first? Ok then. Check out our Brand audit, ADA accessibility audit, SEO best practices, and social media planner.



Get started with a basic introduction to HubSpot Marketing Tools with our HubSpot Basic Plan. This plan has the lowest commitment with a one-time setup cost.

  • Forms
  • List Segmentation
  • Email Marketing
  • Chat / Messenger
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BASIC requires Marketing Starter Subscription $540/yr.



Expand your toolset with Marketing, Sales, Service, and Operations tools provided by the HubSpot Starter Suite. Perfect for collecting, nurturing, and engaging your leads.

  • All Tools from Basic Plan
  • Canned Reponses
  • Email Tracking
  • Cold Email Templates
  • Ticketing Support System
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ALL STARTER requires CRM Suite Starter Subscription $810/yr.



For the marketing professional, serious about increasing conversion and making marketing decisions backed by data and intel. We offer several Pro tracks to choose from.

  • All Tools from Basic Plan
  • Quarterly Reporting
  • Track 1: SEO Pro, OR
  • Track 2: Digital Ads Pro, OR
  • Track 3: Campaign Pro
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ALL STARTER requires Marketing Professional Subscription $9,600/yr.

“Really great review of HubSpot and how awesome all of the tools are. The BRING team was great to work with in both helping to make recommendations that are great for our company but also implementing the tools into our marketing and sales process.” 

A. Johnson

Where do I start?

HubSpot can be a scary and daunting proposition as its tools and integration are almost limitless. Luckily, we’re going to keep it simple and walk you through the process.

1. Sign up for a free demo.

If you give us 30 minutes, we’ll give you a tour behind the orange curtain of HubSpot. Simply fill out the form below.

2. Hubspot Ideation

Every plan starts with planning. That’s right, we take the time to discover more about your business, your strengths,  your customers, their strengths and what the drivers and barriers are in each market segment. From there we can recommend a plan based on your budget, your resources, your seasonality, your sales funnels, promotions, industries etc. etc. This will act as a roadmap for your next year so we ask the right questions to get to the truth and strength of your campaign. Hubspot Ideation fee: $2400

3. Setup & Onboarding

Hubspot Setup/Onboarding- once you’re onboard with us we get you onboard with HubSpot. We want you to be whelmed with Hubspot. Not over. Not under. Just whelmed. Meaning you won’t be frustrated because we give you the relevant tutorial with only what you will be using on a daily basis and show you how to control your customized dashboard. We’ll set up your account and you pay that directly to Hubspot at their cost. Hubspot Setup/Onboarding fee $1200 

4. Tool Development & Maintenance

After we go through HubSpot Ideation and Onboarding, we will clearly see the best plan for your needs and your long-term goals.

Let us show you how Hubspot can improve your marketing efforts!