Response to RFP

Let us Bring Results_

We are excited at the opportunity to bring passion, truth, and surprise to your rebrand, logo redesign, website and awareness campaign. At BRING we are more than just a digital or video company, we bring brand strategy into everything that we do. Below we have outlined the steps that we recommend to give East Shore Industries a brand position that elevates your purpose and uniformly communicates a simple and relevant message. One that inspires community pride and promotes community awareness.

Project Details_


1. Perform a Web-Brand Audit- review internal surveys, review community interviews, and competitive analysis.
2. Develop a new brand position that will rally current stakeholders, staff, clients, and community- as well as inspire prospects.
3. Develop a new logo/tagline that reflects the brand and communicates its position.
4. Create a brand standard to set rules for logo usage, tone of voice, and graphic elements.
5. Create a brand strategy to be used as a roadmap for brand launch and campaign roll-out.


1. Research and develop a strong content marketing plan to work throughout your new website.
2. Design and Develop a website that communicates the brand promise established in phase one.
3. Integrate best search engine optimization practices to maximize the potential for organic search traffic and company awareness.
4. Create a brand video to communicate the many benefits of ESI and showcase the skills and people that flourish in the programs.


1. Drive traffic to your new website via social media and digital ads.
2. Create short video profiles of success stories for social media
2. Develop a media campaign to keep ESI top of mind.

What's The Bring?_

1. We perform our own research because we want to ask deeper questions and draw valuable answers.
2. We have developed positioning for many local and national brands.
3. We create logos based on brand strategy, that clearly communicates and is designed for multi-purpose use.
4. We have developed many brand standard books for internal department use as well as external vendor directives.
5. We specialize in brand communications and have developed annual campaigns and brand launches.

The Brand Elevation Process_

Our plan is to utilize your research and integrate it into our Brand Elevation Process. Our process begins by examining three relevant areas to establish a meaningful and sustainable brand promise.

Company – We examine key leaders to make sure East Shore Industries’ mission and individual goals are aligned and unified. Internal perceptions are also measured by interviewing relevant staff to gauge successes, failures, and aspirations.

Community – Key community players are interviewed to gauge their personal experience and why they trust your brand. We also survey influencers to understand their decision-making process/perceptions.

Category – We examine the local/regional landscape compared to national industry trends. We also perform a study of competitive brands to understand the perception of their promise versus yours.

This methodology has successfully delivered insight and clear direction to all of our clients.

Brand Positioning Presentation_

Once we have researched and interviewed key stakeholders, we extract the relevant information that will guide us to positioning line options that are simple, ownable and compelling truisms about ESI. We will then finesse the approved positioning line and create a shorter succinct tagline that will accompany the new logo.

We walk clients through every step of our Brand Elevation process while we engage employees, seek insight from the community, analyze the competitive arena, solidify key messaging, and strategically create a plan to execute.


The Web Development Process_

At BRING, we focus on bringing brand-led results through creative, video, and digital solutions. Therefore, before jumping straight into web development we thoroughly get acquainted with the brand and plan how we can strategically weave its strengths throughout the website. This insight comes from our Web/Brand audit that we execute early in the process.

See Appendix for Web/Brand Audit sample

We've split our web development process into three phases_

During the discovery phase we walk clients through a Web/Brand Audit to uncover the relevant information, brand history, competitive overview and marketing goals. With these findings and additional research we plan key messaging, create target personas and explore web functionality to reflect the brand. Once we have a solid understanding of the brand platform and how we intend to let users engage with it, we move on to information architecture, sitemapping, and navigation. Discover phase includes:

Review client wish list

Asset & design file collection

Admin/login collection

Web/brand audit

Target research

Competitive research


Content hierarchy

During the design phase, we integrate the brand promise into graphics and user experience. We present layouts for a homepage and specific internal pages to agree on colors, fonts and site features. Once design elements are approved, we build a test site on a hidden server so you can interact with the site all the way through to final launch. If in-house photography and video are needed to enhance the site, they will be produced during this phase. Design phase includes:

Create and present design options

Program responsive website

Deliver site for content insertion

Rebrand social media links

Build fully functioning test site

Once we have final approval on the test site and have proofed, checked and double checked it, we will push it live. We will host and maintain your website to keep all plugins and software up-to-date and make sure the site remains free of bugs or broken links. This is an ongoing process and is performed on a scheduled basis. Deploy phase includes:

Launch new site

Test all links/emails/apps

Add Google Analytics

Archive old site

Begin maintenance of site

Monthly traffic reports


SEO Manager & Process_

Search Engine Optimization starts with an effective amount of content that is both relevant and easy to read.

All pages are individually optimized during development to reach their full potential. By studying search terms and keywords/phrases, we will enhance your content to meet the current standards by building internal and external links with proper anchor text, and suggest backlinks.

We will train you and provide you with information on the best SEO practices for you to consider when posting to your blog.

Quarterly reports are available through your hosting agreement, of the activity on your website, and an analysis of what can be done to improve your site’s visibility and brand awareness. Keeping your site up-to-date with fresh content encourages search engines to come back and re-index your site.

We can also offer additional services such as, ghostwriting blogs, link building to other reputable sites, update local listings, and managing reviews.

Campaign Measurement_

BRING will set tools in place to measure the effectiveness of the awareness campaign. We will track the increase in web traffic via Google Analytics, track impressions and click through rates on digital ads campaigns. We will also track video views via YouTube.

Capabilities & Qualifications_

BRING Studios, (formally Burnham Richards) was started in 2002 by David and Stacy Richards, who brought many years of national, branding experience from Minneapolis to Green Bay.  As BRING Studios, the company focuses on four core competencies: Brand Development, Digital/Web Development, Video Production, and Environmental Graphics.

BRANDING: Research, analysis, and development of brand positioning- logo and tagline development- brand standards.

DIGITAL MARKETING: Website design and development, SEO and digital marketing strategies, hosting and web maintenance.

VIDEO PRODUCTION: Scripting, directing and producing web content, TV commercials, and long-format TV shows.

ENVIRONMENTAL GRAPHICS: Design, produce and install branded environmental displays for corporate and retail purposes.

BRING Studios is located at 900 Challenger Drive, Green Bay and will provide ESI a core staff of four experts to deliver results.

Lead Team_

At BRING Studios we keep it lean, so we make sure we bring the most efficient people to the meeting. It’s all about the smartest route to the best solution. Our team brings a diverse background with a common goal of insightful strategy based on passion, truth and surprise. Our team has worked together on several projects and are jointly and individually committed to working on the ESI re-brand. This project time percentage is broken out below.

David Richards – Director of Creative Solutions. Over 25 years of brand development and creative direction. David will lead the project and be the key contact through all deliverables.
Amber Rockey – Web Solutions Manager. 9+ years of experience in brand-led website and digital solutions development. Amber will provide website recommendations and digital strategy planning.
Josh Sauer – Video Solutions Manager. With more than 10 years of experience in video production, Josh makes sure that the production quality and brand story is a reflection of you.
Morgan Krouth – Brand Solutions Manager. With more than 2 years of experience in brand management and graphic design, Morgan will provide the logo, web design, and graphic elements based on your brand.

All team members are committed to the successful execution and are available to provide time as needed.

Estimate & Timing_

All costs are defined in the estimate attached under Appendix. These fees cover research, web-brand audit, brand positioning, logo design, graphic standards development, recommendations for use in print and electronic advertising, website design, and media placement.

Costs are separated by phases and are all-inclusive.

A prebill of 50% will be issued upon approval of estimates and reconciled on completion of the project.

See Appendix for Estimate


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