BRING is the Architect in New Website for Somerville!

Somerville Architects and Engineers is one of the most respected design, architecture and engineering firms in the Midwest, responsible for many of the iconic buildings, churches, venues and stadiums in the region, including legendary Lambeau Field. So when the tables turned and Somerville became the client and BRING the designer, the expectations were high.

David Richards, BRING Principal and Director of Creative Solutions, explains, “We started with concepts, layouts and designs which Somerville brought to us. From there, we took the foundation of this project and successfully built a website that matched Somerville’s philosophy of Design Matters.

The website for this design-focused architecture and engineering firm features stunning photo galleries, filterable portfolios, and custom photography and video elements.

“We captured a lot of interview sessions and collaborative meetings in video and photography for the website. The site is meant to display Somerville’s culture and personality as much as its project portfolio,” stated Tyler Gerhartz, BRING’s Video Solutions Manager.

Learn more about Somerville, its culture and explore their vast portfolio of projects here.

BRING supports Walk To Mary with new website!

BRING launches new website for Walk to Mary.

BRING has spent the last couple of months working with Walk to Mary, a local group, who started a pilgrimage from The Shrine of St Joseph in De Pere to the National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help in Champion, WI. (America’s only Church-approved Marian apparition site.)  Each year, in early May, thousands of followers partake in the 21-mile pilgrimage through Green Bay to Champion. The organizers selected BRING to rebuild the website from scratch and elevate the content and user experience to reflect this now international event.
The new site includes multi-lingual translations for international visitors, as well as streamlined route information, including interactive maps and redesigned registration portals. Videos communicating the importance of Walk to Mary and some of the miracles that have been experience after the walk will also be available on the site.
“We are proud to support the annual pilgrimage to the Holy Shrine in Champion,” stated Amber Rockey, BRING’s Digital Solutions Manager. “The organizers have worked hard to successfully grow the event each year and it was our job to create a new website to further advance participation.”
The new website can be found here. Registration starts on February 11 and this year’s Walk to Mary will be held on Saturday, May 4th, 2019.

XPerience Branding from the Inside Out

XPerience Branding from the Inside Out

If you want your customers to connect with your brand, where do you begin? In the rush to launch an external brand campaign (and generate sales) the most logical starting point, internal branding is often overlooked.

Why does this matter? From an internal communications standpoint, studies have proven that employees who are connected with their company perform better and report greater job satisfaction. Any sales driven organization certainly benefits from motivated, happy employees. But internal branding can relay your unique value proposition far outside the walls of your business.

By developing a robust internal branding strategy, you can create brand evangelists at every level of your organization and multiply your brand’s reach exponentially. When your staff is “All In” your customers are sure to follow. It’s the power of contagious branding and shared enthusiasm.

We recently helped rebrand Xperience Fitness with a “brand promise” that employees could own and rally behind. Once the brand promise was established we then created a “Brand Mantra Book” that included an employee pledge to “Go All In!” The books accomplished three key goals: education, motivation, and affirmation for the entire organization. 


The Brand Mantra Book clearly defines the company’s brand promise to go “All In” for outstanding customer experiences. The book also spells out goals and expectations for employees by elaborating on the meaning of the brand promise. 


The book challenges employees to “Stretch Further” and to “Go Outside Your Comfort Zone” to reach their full potential. The positive messages also instill the confidence that Xperience Fitness has in its staff to provide the highest standards of customer service. 


By setting the bar high, Xperience Fitness affirms its belief in the strength of its employees and the contributions that each one is capable of making. The book also promotes inclusivity by inviting “Everybody In” to create a supportive community.

To further engage employees, we also shot a “Mantra Video” of staff sharing their passion and belief in the “All In” battle cry. The new materials were shared at a special Xperience Fitness event to re-energize thinking and elevate the member experience


What may seem like a minor detail in your overall brand strategy can actually have a huge impact on the success of your campaigns. After all, how can you expect your team to deliver the brand promise unless it is first clearly defined and communicated?


BRING has over 20 years of branding experience with local, regional and national clients. Talk to us about how to get your staff on board to become passionate storytellers and your biggest ambassadors.

What is the difference between in-house and outsourced video production?

What is the difference between in-house and outsourced video production?

Video technology is constantly evolving. If you want to spend your media dollars on the most cutting-edge, quality production, you need to ask a lot of questions when interviewing potential vendors, including whether video production is in-house or outsourced. Most likely, the response will be, “We outsource our video production and leave it to the experts.”

That sounds good, right? Leave it to the experts rather than try to be a “jack of all trades and master of none.” But, an experienced, dedicated in-house video production team can provide greater value for the same or lower cost than an outsourced resource. Consider that the dedicated in-house video production team is:

  • Working daily alongside creative developers and account reps, so they have a full understanding of your brand and can be agile, responsive and efficient at all times.
  • Involved in the process from start to finish, so they understand your goals for the video.
  • Part of a larger team, including digital and marketing strategists, which means you will have a fully consultative experience and guidance on how best to leverage your video investment for maximum ROI.

Visit our YouTube page to see our latest video production projects or contact us to learn more about how BRING Studio’s in-house video production can help you stand out from competitors.

Are Videos Expensive to Make?

It’s impossible to miss the fact that video is a leading form of marketing in the digital era. It’s one of the few ways to really stand out in a crowded online environment. The good news is that videos can actually deliver excellent ROI at a cost that is lower than what you may think – but only if you choose the right production team.

To manage costs, it’s best to do your homework and ask the right questions. Here are a few questions to ask your prospective vendor:

  • Do you own your equipment and production space?
  • Do you have in-house expertise for everything from coordinating shoots, scripting, shooting the actual video, and post-production editing?
  • How much experience and training does your video production team have?
  • Can you make tactical recommendations for how I should use this video to maximize ROI?
  • Can you provide work samples and references?

If the vendor answers “yes” to all of these questions, then you’re on the right track. Visit our YouTube page to see our latest video production projects or contact us to learn more about how BRING’s in-house video production can help you stand-out from competitors.

Making Your Content Count

Making Your Content Count

Three Tips to Stand Out in a Crowd

You know you need to create “content” for your site to rank well.  You’ve considered your business and your target audience, you’ve defined a problem they have, and you set out to solve it for them.. in blog form.

So far so good! But chances are – if you think your customers need to know something – someone, somewhere has thought the same thing as you. The internet is full of articles on how to do and what to know about, well, everything! When your customers turn to Google they can just as easily find their answer from a competitor. In this age of information, how do you stand out and create unique content and not just reiterate what many other people in your industry are saying? If you’re staring at your laptop, not knowing where to start, here are few key tips.

1. Give it a twist

You know your business better than anyone, so speak about what you know, be the expert. When was a time you solved that problem for one of your customers? What were some of the things you learned? Chances are you have more than a few examples and stories that you could share to show your readers that you have the knowledge and experience necessary to answer their questions.  

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, if there’s a resource out there that’s already said it perfectly, link your content to that web page, (especially if you are associated or affiliated with the source) but still give them a something fresh to consider. In fact, linking to other reputable sources that you are affiliated with can be a great way to validate your authority. 

Does that mean you should go on to tell long, drawn-out stories? Absolutely not. A recent study by Microsoft Corp revealed that the average human attention span went from 12 to 8 seconds from 2000 to today (source). That’s less than a goldfish, people!  You want to keep it short and get to the point quickly, users are searching for answers and you have to capture their attention before they move on. How? I thought you’d never ask.

2. Speak or write?

Talk to them. Do you know who your customer is and are you speaking their language? You may say, but we aren’t speaking here, we’re writing, right? Well, sort of. You want to write as if you were talking to a friend, keeping your words authentic and conversational.   This will not only make your article much easier and more enjoyable to read, it also has a higher comprehension and retention rate (source). 

Empathize with your reader. “Have you ever had this problem? We know how hard it can be.” You want your writing to have a voice. Customers can see right through marketing speech so don’t be afraid to be who you are! People do business with people they like and, let’s be honest, you also enjoy working with people that you like.  So let your personality out and let your customers find you.

3. Local + Relevant

Does everyone have to find you? Ideally, to gain higher ranking in the search engines, yes.  But let’s say you’re a landscaping company in Wisconsin, does it matter if someone in Texas finds your article? Sure, it may be useful to them, but they aren’t your target and aren’t likely to become your customer. Unless you’re trying to reach a national audience – focus your content on your target geography. 

Think: What does local mean to you? Is it the state of Wisconsin, is it Green Bay, or Northeast Wisconsin?  What is relevant to your audience? Lakefront landscaping solutions, plants appropriate for zones 4 and 5, preparing your plants for the winter season, snow removal anybody? Okay, so those are obvious, let’s try less obvious… How about “What you need to create the perfect outdoor grilling space for your next Packer party!”?


Finally, taking all of this into consideration; solving a problem, giving your customers the information they seek, keeping it local, and being genuinely you, there’s one message that should be loud and clear – YOUR PASSION.  Your customers will easily be able to see that your business is driven by what you love (which is what they’re looking for)!


BRING repositions with new space and video production studios

We’re happy to feel at home in our new space. We’re putting the finishing touches to our new digs and are excited to get energized with the new vibe. Our new 3,000 sq ft office is adjacent to Pixelmax Studios with several room sets and a huge white sweep. So, in addition to our focus on Brand and Web Development, we have expanded our Video Production capabilities to be some of the best in the area. Don’t be shy! Stop over for a tour at 900 Challenger Drive, Green Bay.


BRING handcrafts new video for DLM

Just finished up a new video to show the “details, dedication and delivery” of DLM. Shot at Lambeau, in Milwaukee and in Chicago, the video supports the brand promise while focusing on the high level of craftsmanship for the Green Bay Packers, Godfrey & Kahn, and Kimpton Hotels. From start to finish, the project was created by our in-house video department.

Suamico is Officially Unstoppable

On December 20th, Xperience Fitness Suamico opened its doors.  We watched this location develop from a pile of gravel, to Suamico’s premier fitness destination.  We previously developed the Xperience Fitness – Be Unstoppable branding which was communicated through digital, television and outdoor media in Northeast & Southeast Wisconsin as well as the Minneapolis/St. Paul areas.

As part of the continued brand elevation of Xperience Fitness – Be Unstoppable, we focused on environmental branding in Suamico first. This ensures that no matter where members go in the gym, they are always motivated and supported on on their unstoppable journey. Well, maybe not everywhere. You’re supposed to keep your eyes closed in the tanning booth!

Xperience Fitness Suamico


Even as you’re about to walk out, you’re reminded that you’re leaving stronger than when you came and encouraged to come back for more!

Xperience Fitness Suamico

We’re so happy to be a part of Xperience’s growth in Northeast Wisconsin and can’t wait to roll out this environmental branding to other Xperience gym locations in the future. Xperience Fitness is passionate about helping their members meet their fitness goals, and BRING is passionate about elevating brands.  You can read our full Xperience Fitness case study here.

Enough is Enuffintop!

Helping our clients succeed and connect with their audience is our number one goal, and for Xperience Fitness we saw a great win/win opportunity for both our client and their customers. From “Thirsty Thursday” straight through to “Sunday Funday,” summer can be a challenging time for those looking to lose weight and focus on health. Ironically, summer is also one of the slowest seasons for gym memberships. We wanted to connect with the people who spend Sunday night regretting a week of overindulgence and promising to start their new diet and fitness routine on Monday. Our goal was to strike a nerve in a fun and relevant way, and with ads that read “Enuffintop – Get Fit Monday,” people can admit that now is the time to hit the gym. Summer is short in the Midwest, but now we can still enjoy our festivals, barbecues and fairs, as long as we hit the gym on Monday!

Enuffintop Animated Gif