WG&R Furniture / August Haven

Brand Situation

We were already working on the WG&R brand and website when the concept for August Haven was on the drawing table. There is nothing like August Haven in the area and we wanted to make sure that we communicated a brand that was delicately balanced between aspirational and attainable. Through the development of an e-commerce website with a design to match the brand’s eclectic but simplistic style, we set the online tone for the brand.

Brand Elements

  • WG&R ecommerce website
  • Furniture Plus e-commerce website
  • August Haven ecommerce website
  • Sub-brand logos
  • In store environmental branding
  • Brand guidelines book

Brand elevation

New WG&R site gave total client control and streamlined customer navigation.

Site integration pulled inventory and offered real time updates.

From the client

“We’ve worked with BRING for over 10 years on the WG&R Furniture brand and through the August Haven brand launch. Their branding talents and web development experience have played a huge role in the the marketing success of our company. Creatively they stand apart and help us stand out. I also like their willingness to work collaboratively with our internal marketing department, without any egos getting in the way.”
– Jim Greene, President, WG&R Furniture.

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