REDI Transports

Brand Situation

Wisconsin Lock & Load was a successful local prisoner transport provider since 2006 that started extending its reach beyond Wisconsin and expanding its services to include an entirely new market for behavioral health patients. With these changes, their name no longer seemed appropriate so they needed a new name and brand identity to communicate their expanded services and key qualities. Our goal was to create a brand that would convey all of their services and key qualities. To begin, we conducted a brand audit among clients from both markets and employees to inform the new name and identity that would be created. Ultimately, we developed a new name, logo and identity for them along with a new website that would be easy to navigate and cater to both market audiences. As part of these projects we also captured some amazing brand-led photography and video footage to be used on the new website and in a brand video to explain their new brand position.

Brand Elements

  • Brand Audit Research & Development
  • Name & Logo Development (or Creation?)
  • Brand Identity
  • Website Redesign & Development
  • Still photography
  • Video testimonials and action footage
  • Brand Video Production

Brand elevation

REDI Transports became the new name to highlight their key qualities for both markets that they serve: Responsive, Efficient, Dependable and Informed. 

The new logo reinforces the brand identity with an authoritative, bold typeface while using a teal blue gradient to fit with the behavioral health market. A subtle arrow graphic was incorporated into the logo to convey movement and progress along with a chain link to indicate the security aspect of the brand.

The website was redesigned to reflect the brand identity and clearly communicate their expanded services to two specific markets: prisoner and behavioral health. The website is strong, clean and intuitive, helping them secure more transports than ever. 

We also brought the brand to life through a brand video to tell the story of the company and reinforce the new brand positioning.

From the client

The BRING team did an amazing job capturing our company. We truly value our partnership and appreciate their hard work and attention to detail. Not to mention, REDI Transports has had its best 2 months as a company since the new brand was launched!
Alicia Stevenson, VP of REDI Transports


“BRING’s brand audit helped us know our business better. It really helped get everyone on the same page and speaking the same language”

– Crystal Cook, CEO REDI Transports

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