Or Revolution with a silent “R”

Why BRING? It’s what we do.

Why BRING? We changed our name to solidify our promise to always go above and beyond by showing up with a complementary arsenal of talent, a passion for truth and surprise and a mission to elevate your brand and lead marketing strategies.

At BRING it’s all about energizing the meeting with fresh ideas and smart strategies. As we work with clients directly or through their in-house marketing teams, we always bring our strengths to their resources. No egos, all teamwork – let’s do great work together! From our brand audit process, to creative concepts, consumer engagement and video content production, we constantly surprise our clients with new ways of problem solving.

BRING has alway been rooted in brand development and creating the extraordinary communication that surrounds it. In our technology-driven society we want to make sure we still focus on human emotion and interaction. By focusing less on algorithms and more on heartbeats, we can creatively shine.  Our decades of experience on national brands (including Harley-Davidson, Northwest Airlines, Polaris, Mall of America and Minnesota Office of Tourism) allow us to approach every brand with confidence – knowing we can BRING fast-thinking, strategic and creative smarts across both traditional and digital landscapes.

Our best clients are those who understand that great things happen when we have positive, energetic, authentic relationships with them. Ultimately, that results in the transfer of trust and enthusiasm through their brand to their own customers.

Which brings us back to brand elevation and why we love to do what we do.

BRING – there’s that word again.