Bring welcomes new video solutions manager, Josh Sauer

Welcome Josh Sauer, Video Solutions Manager

We welcomed Josh Sauer to the BRING team as Video Solutions Manager on May 4, 2020.


Josh has an eye for creative storytelling and is an exceptional video producer.  He is a true triple threat in the video world, with his heightened abilities to shoot, edit and produce motion graphics. His skills will undoubtably elevate any brand from their competitors. One of his most notable accomplishments in his career is his EMMY-Nomination for best achievement in news promotion in 2016. We are excited to discover new ways to implement Josh’s vast skill set to future projects! Outside of work Josh enjoys music, specifically playing guitar. During his time off you can hear in play in a variety of Green Bay venues.

We are excited to share the video and animation solutions that Josh brings to the team. When asked what he is looking forward to most Josh said:

I’ve always had such a strong passion for commercials. As a kid, they were my favorite part of television programming. I found them fascinating. More than anything I look forward to making my childhood dreams a reality by creating high quality video content.


Josh can be contacted at