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Welcome Josh Sauer, Video Solutions Manager

Josh Sauer – Welcome to BRING! We welcomed Josh Sauer to the BRING team as Video Solutions Manager on May 4, 2020. INTERESTS Josh has […]

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Hinterland celebrates 25 years

After 25 years Hinterland never stops exploring. To celebrate 25 years of challenging beer drinkers to “Taste beyond their Boundaries.” Hinterland owner, Bill Tressler and […]

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Welcome Morgan Krouth, Brand Solutions Manager

Morgan Krouth – Welcome to BRING! We welcomed Morgan Krouth to the BRING team as Brand Solutions Manager on May 4, 2020. INTERESTS Morgan is […]

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REDI for a Re-Brand

You may have heard of Wisconsin Lock & Load or seen their transport vehicles around town. They’ve been providing reliable prisoner and detainee transports since […]

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2019 Website Development Projects by BRING

2019 was complete with a wide range of website development projects. Our digital marketing team has remained busy for the entire year, these are some […]

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Bring Was Honored to Green Bay Give Back in 2019

BRING had the privilege of donating to several non-profit organizations in 2019 through the development of websites and videos.  Walk to Mary Walk to Mary […]

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How does video add value to your digital presence?

Using video to add value to your company online. In today’s culture, people are busy. If you want to catch their attention you have to […]

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lindy bethke

Welcome Lindy Bethke, Brand Solutions Manager

Lindy Bethke – Welcome to BRING! We welcomed Lindy Bethke to the BRING team as Brand Solutions Manager on April 23, 2019. INTERESTS Lindy has […]

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somerville web project

BRING is the Architect in New Website for Somerville!

Somerville Architects and Engineers is one of the most respected design, architecture and engineering firms in the Midwest, responsible for many of the iconic buildings, […]

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