Welcome Rachel Moss, Digital Solutions Manager

Rachel Moss – Welcome to BRING!

We welcomed Rachel Moss to the BRING team as Digital Solutions Manager on May 7, 2019.


Rachel lives and breathes all things digital marketing. She recently moved to Green Bay from the Twin Cities area, where she gained years of experience working with a wide range of clients to help them grow their digital presence through SEO, PPC, creative content, and website optimization strategies. Her work for a national digital marketing training association and a full-service marketing agency in Minneapolis has equipped her to deliver relevant, brand-led content and meaningful engagement to all audiences on social media and digital channels. She has played a leading role in marketing over 70 national events in major cities across the US and has traveled from coast to coast to see her events through. When you can pry her away from the computer, you’ll find Rachel hiking the trails, traveling or doing just about anything that doesn’t involve standing still.

We are excited about the digital marketing savviness Rachel brings to the team. About her new position with BRING, Rachel had this to say:

“In my experience, 90% of employees at a company are considered good workers who put in their eight hours a day and leave feeling satisfied, while only 10% of employees go the extra mile and are constantly thinking about ways they can improve themselves and get more results for clients. I’ve never worked with a team where every single member falls under the 10% category… until now! I already feel at home here.”


Rachel can be contacted at [email protected]

Or connect with Rachel on LinkedIn, here.