Welcome Ross Mollet, Director of Brand Solutions

Ross Mollet – Welcome to BRING!

We welcomed Ross Mollet to the BRING team as Director of Brand Solutions.


Ross is a Green Bay native with 15 years of experience in brand development and creative direction. When he’s not on the tennis court or softball diamond, Ross enjoys spending time with his son. He also is quite happy to jump on a plane and head south to a warm and sandy destination every chance he gets. Ross lives and breathes creating successful brand solutions for clients, so it’s not surprising he already feels right at home at BRING. If you listen carefully, you just might hear Ross singing while he’s crafting his latest creative strategy.

We are excited about the expertise and creativity Ross brings as Director of Brand Solutions. About his new position with Bring, Ross had this to say:

“BRING is all about bringing results and so am I. I’m excited to join this dynamic atmosphere and for what BRING Studios delivers to our clients. Great things are already happening and I’m hungry for more!”


Ross can be contacted at [email protected]

Or connect with Ross on LinkedIn, here.